we went to see despicable me with sister-in-law tara and her kids last night. in the middle of the movie i heard a lot of rustling and a little whining. the woman two seats from me called her child over to her. she was doing something with his pants, then she turned him around and we all heard a steady stream hitting the bottom of the popcorn bucket. really lady? really? maybe it's just cause i'm not a mother yet, but this seems like some seriously unacceptable behavior.


still homeless

we are in utah. for an unknown period of time.  the only thing that was definite in our life was that school started yesterday. so we made the drive yesterday for jason to make a 5:30 class.  so i get to sit around on campus and "work on my online classes i haven't finished yet" aka write and read blogs. ugh. luckily i'll be here for awhile.  i have all the time in the world.


to a friend

dear parker,
my love for you grew immensely over the years.  you were a tough pup. chewing things in the house, chewing things in the yard. you were probably the only lab who didn't like to fetch or swim.  but you were really good at keep away, especially when we wanted whatever you had back. like a snow glove or a boot. you always had a love for stuffed animals. you'd carry around a bear, a dog, for months. you wouldn't tear it apart, you'd just chomp chomp chomp, up and down every day, and watch over it like it was your child.  we lost you a few days before we moved from connecticut to california, and even though you were only gone for a few hours we were scared that we wouldn't find you before our move. but you came trotting back up the hill as though you'd just been out on a little stroll.  when we moved to california you settled down quite a bit. you were maturing and seemed to enjoy the laid back ca style. it is here that i really grew to love you.
i'll never forget the night. i was going through a terrible heartbreak, feeling lost and very alone. dad was really sick and mom was with him in the hospital. little sister caitlin was out with friends.  i was alone in the house and i was hurting. and i lost it.  i fell to the ground in the kitchen, crying from the deepest place in my heart, and i looked up and there you were beside me.  your head resting on my leg, and you sat beside me until i was done. until i felt not so alone. you were there for me when i needed you. and i knew that you knew how much i needed you.
my heart healed and i ran off galavanting around the country experiencing life.  i knew that you were slowing down.  and every time i left again i'd say "i love you parker, don't die while i'm gone"
well, last week was your 12th birthday.  and while we were never the owners to dress you up and put you in our family portraits, you were a part of the family.  you were a staple in our home.
you lived to 12 and one day, and even though i wasn't there, i hope you know how much i loved you, and how much i'll miss you.  it will be strange to go home and not have you there.
i love you parker. sleep well.


moving from ct to ca (2004)

living the high life (2006)

playing in the kitchen (2007)

parker and dad (2010)

on his 12th birthday (2010)


birthday wishes

my dad got his birthday wish. to live to another birthday. he is 51 today. and made another birthday wish. to live to another birthday. i hope he continues to get many many more birthday wishes


today's the day

what a day it is to celebrate anniversaries. there are a lot, so i shall devote a whole post to it.

happy wedding anniversary to my parents in-law, bob and pam, who are celebrating 37 wonderful years of marriage.

happy wedding anniversary to my big brother sam and his sweet wife michelle for a whopping 2 years!

and happy happy anniversary to my dad who received his heart transplant 2 years ago today.

what a wonderful wonderful day! maybe jason and i will go get some ice cream to celebrate you all.

p.s. for those of you who read or know of nienie, today is the two year anniversary of her accident. what a journey she's had since then.

any other anniversaries that i'm missing?


we're baack

jason and i are happy to be back in the west.  thursday night we packed up our clothes, loaded the car, and hit the road late friday morning. we had decided to make the 15 hours drive in one day. (we had tickets for the rockies game saturday night, so obviously we had to make it back as quickly as possible)
in our hurry to pack our place up we forgot one very important thing. in an effort to make the place feel a little like home, and slightly as a joke, and slightly because jason loves himself, we had put up a huuuge poster picture of jason from his glorious basketball days. so when the people we were subletting the place from return home, they will be welcomed by a younger, skinnier, ball-in-hand jason.

boy do i wish i could be there to see that.


don't know where we're going til we're there

life if very uncertain right now. there are so many variables. as of friday, jason and i won't actually have a place to live (i almost said "home," but that's not true, home is my parents house, his parents house, home is our car rides, utah in a weird kind of way that i never thought i would claim it to be, home is being with jason, as cheesy as that sounds, it's true. i never feel unsettled or out of place when i'm with him. k, back to whatever it was i was saying) right, no place to live. we have schooling and jobbing we need to figure out and how those two things are going to work together. this should be a fun adventure.

don't worry people, i'll update you as i get updates myself...



i complained awhile ago that all the cupcakes in chicago are terrible. and even after trying two more cupcake places i was still disappointed. my concerned sister in law michelle told me to try a place called sprinkles, a cute little shop based out of beverly hills. alas, they were not open.. until last week!! a friend from work and i trekked up the magnificent mile to find a line running out the door [see pic]. it was more than worth the wait. holy mole. it was the best cupcake i've had in a very long time. the perfect amount of frosting, not overly sweet, the cake itself was delicious and moist. perfection. needless to say, i've been craving one ever since..


take me out to the baaaall game

ivy wall.organ music.no big screen with replays.kettle corn.
so this is how they watched baseball in the olden days