women of the world

we must address this issue. i thought i could ignore it and it would pass, but it has come to my attention that this is not the answer. at first it started with a few little old ladies. i can let that slide. they don't know any better. but young women! all over the place. let us get one thing straight. these poor lambs have fallen for the marketing ploy that by walking around in hideous sneakers, their little bums will look absolutely fabulous.. and maybe they will, but helllooo!?! news flash! no one is looking at your tush while you are wearing these ridiculous things. it's not worth it ladies. for $110 do you really want to commit fashion crime #72? i don't think so.

so i ask you. nay, i implore you.. please, remove the shoes... and then burn them


  1. what? people are actually wearing them? thats just disappointing..

    i can imagine soccer mums wearing them thinking they are great... but young women? eek.

  2. I actually met a woman my mama's age and she said she lots 8 inches around her waist just by wearing the "expensive" kind NOT the sketchers kind. And to tell you the truth I was kind of interested in them. Oh well...I guess I can't have a cute tushy if it's a fashion crime. Well wait a minute....isn't an ugly tushy like fashion crime #2? Which one is worse?

  3. hmm.. brooke, you make a valid point...

  4. oh my gosh, i HATE those things! my stepmom recently got a pair (she's the type that falls for every marketing ploy out there) and i'm embarrassed to be around her!

  5. good graish i AGREE!