what goes up must come down

we were really excited to see the fireworks the other night. we packed up a blanket and treats and found the perfect spot on the beach. the place was packed, everyone looking out at the water, then the fireworks began and to our dismay all turned around to see them blocked by the trees. it was chaos, everyone around us freaked out and ran through the park to get a better view, but we were perfectly content to watch them right where we were. i had a nice little window. then we met up with jason's childhood bestfriend tyler and his girlfriend who were out in chicago for a visit. we just sat and chatted on the beach waiting for the crowd to filter out and the streets to clear up. all around it was a rather pleasant night.

this morning we met up with another friend of jason's, also named tyler, also from back home, for breakfast. it was soo soooo wonderful seeing familiar faces out here in chicago. so family, it's you're turn! come visit us.


  1. wow, jason must have a lot of friends...

  2. I still want to go to there. I want to smell the chocolate air. I want to see the lake so blue. I want...oh, to see you too.