this one's for you sara

double whammy. my sweet cousin sara is giving her farewell talk today in church because she is leaving for 18 months to serve a mission for our church. also, my sweet old (former, not elderly) roommate sara has 4 weeks left in her mission and jason and i got to see her on friday.

i was hoping to run into her as we headed down to nauvoo, il. i was planning on asking around until i found her, not knowing how big the town was. and guess what, she was the very first person i saw!
it was a very hot day but jason and i had so much fun walking around the town eating original recipe gingersnaps, learning how bricks were made, and learning more about the original saints of our church.


  1. sara's (hansen) talk today was remarkable. I wish you were here with the family. Harold & Darlene and your Dad and I had no children present. Kinda wierd. Mark, Elaine & Annie, most of Matt & Lisa's fam, Daren's fam and Hansen's fam & Grandma were all there. We missed you, Jason, Jeremy, Alexandria, Samuel, Michelle and Caitlin (the world traveler).
    Glad you made it home safely to waterlogged Chicago and so glad you got to enjoy Nauvoo.

  2. You and Jason look so cute! love the hair.