summer reading list

holes - jason
lord of the rings - me
princess bride - jason
mansfield park - me
the count of monte cristo - both
1984 - jason

we make a lot of trips to barnes & noble. and so far, we've watched all of the movies too. [except 1984, we watch the movies after we've finished the book]

so i just finished my latest book, which means i need a new one soon. but i don't know what i want to read. and i only want to buy books that are worth buying.
(story: i bought a book to read a while back.. you will not see it listed above. it got 3 strikes and i threw it out. actually, i tore up that filth and then threw it out. i didn't want anyone to find it and be exposed to the terrible language and content. the end.)

so, any recommendations?


  1. Jane Eyre. oh my gosh, I read that for the first time when I was in London and I absolutely loved it. Oh gosh, all my books on my list just ran out of my head. Dangit! Happy readin'!

  2. Enjoy the count of monte cristo it is fantastic.
    Reading "The Lacuna" By Barbara Kingsolver here:)

    Have a fab weekend!

  3. Love your blog, Sweetie-Pie!! Here are a couple of suggestions for a good read. "The Help", Kathryn Stockett and "A Walk in the Woods", Bill Bryson. Warning: reading Bill Bryson's book in public is dangerous; guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Enjoy and I love you!