nifty gifty

i am going to start compiling a list. for 3 reasons.

a] to help jason keep up his trend of giving absolutely awesome gifts
2. to help me keep track of things i love and where i find them
III. to help all who need ideas for presents for sisters, friends, and moms
(and seeing as my mom, sister, and i all have practically identical tastes, you two can expect to receive one of the little goodies you'll see on here once in awhile)

today, i give you, the forget me knot ring from fredflare


  1. I have had m eye on this one for EVER! Want it!!

  2. Ohhh how adorable....I want it too:) Such a cutie and your blog is so lovely:) Muah darling and see you soon:)

  3. my dad bought my mum a ring exactly like that when they started dating. I was allowed to wear it one day... and no shock, i lost it! whooops!! :)

    but its a good idea to make a gift list, then you dont have to rack your brain when you are asked on the spot!!