in it to win it

people fascinate me. and luckily jason is as fond of people watching as i am. makes for really good dates.  while we watch them, i like to make up back stories.

ex. that man over there is an only child. he married a woman who left him for the modern day milk man. he's sworn off women and spends his time fixing bicycles. that's where he finds true joy. he's never been one for social interaction, but occasionally will hold polite conversations with the man behind the counter at the gas station. - this is all quite obvious from the way he chews on his roast beef sandwich in the corner of his mouth.

aside from creating these back stories, i love to watch social interaction.  because it is so very different between cultures, social classes, and areas of the country. they way youth speak to their elders and vice versa. the level and tone of their voice. the amount of physical contact. is it gentle, is it rough. the way they dress and present themselves in public. what they eat, how they eat it. who are they with? a spouse, a child, a girlfriend, a best friend?

from all of this observation, you know what i have deduced? people are fascinating. why do they do the things that they do? what sort of message are they trying to send to the world? they are mind-boggling at times. the key to remember is that it's not about judgement.  i don't watch them to simply say why my way is better. it's about understanding. in their circles, that action is deemed perfectly acceptable and my choice of action would be seen as wimpy and weak. what they do works for them.

which is why i'm in the perfect line of work. understand them. then sell stuff to them. heartless? i think not.
but ultimately, when my advertising days are long over, i'd love to travel the world and watch people, talk to them, understand them. maybe i should have gone into anthropology... nah, advertising is way cooler.


  1. me likey how you talk. you should write a book.

  2. We've had a French foreign exchange student stay for the month of July. It has been VERY interesting for us...but we also feel like he is Diane Fossey and we are the Gorillas.

  3. another laugh out loud and big smile.