btil says the darndest things

i wasn't having a great afternoon.. i tend to work myself up over little things. so to cheer me up, jason said to me:

"you're more beautiful than.. the queen.. of beauty"

thank you darling. thank you. you brightened my day.


why communicating via written text will never equate to speaking

last night as pillow talk was dying off i said to jason, "i'm happy i'm married to you."
and you have no idea what i'm saying. did i say,
"i'm happy i'm married to you"
"i'm happy i'm married to you"
"i'm happy i'm married to you"
see. all have very different meanings. and if i texted this to jason he would never ever know what i was saying. and now, neither do you. and that is why you young chillins should stop texting to say real things. the end.


in it to win it

people fascinate me. and luckily jason is as fond of people watching as i am. makes for really good dates.  while we watch them, i like to make up back stories.

ex. that man over there is an only child. he married a woman who left him for the modern day milk man. he's sworn off women and spends his time fixing bicycles. that's where he finds true joy. he's never been one for social interaction, but occasionally will hold polite conversations with the man behind the counter at the gas station. - this is all quite obvious from the way he chews on his roast beef sandwich in the corner of his mouth.

aside from creating these back stories, i love to watch social interaction.  because it is so very different between cultures, social classes, and areas of the country. they way youth speak to their elders and vice versa. the level and tone of their voice. the amount of physical contact. is it gentle, is it rough. the way they dress and present themselves in public. what they eat, how they eat it. who are they with? a spouse, a child, a girlfriend, a best friend?

from all of this observation, you know what i have deduced? people are fascinating. why do they do the things that they do? what sort of message are they trying to send to the world? they are mind-boggling at times. the key to remember is that it's not about judgement.  i don't watch them to simply say why my way is better. it's about understanding. in their circles, that action is deemed perfectly acceptable and my choice of action would be seen as wimpy and weak. what they do works for them.

which is why i'm in the perfect line of work. understand them. then sell stuff to them. heartless? i think not.
but ultimately, when my advertising days are long over, i'd love to travel the world and watch people, talk to them, understand them. maybe i should have gone into anthropology... nah, advertising is way cooler.


this one's for you sara

double whammy. my sweet cousin sara is giving her farewell talk today in church because she is leaving for 18 months to serve a mission for our church. also, my sweet old (former, not elderly) roommate sara has 4 weeks left in her mission and jason and i got to see her on friday.

i was hoping to run into her as we headed down to nauvoo, il. i was planning on asking around until i found her, not knowing how big the town was. and guess what, she was the very first person i saw!
it was a very hot day but jason and i had so much fun walking around the town eating original recipe gingersnaps, learning how bricks were made, and learning more about the original saints of our church.


the mystery of the chocolate air

remember when i first smelled the chocolate chicago air on my way to work? well the mystery continued.  since that first day, i have smelled chocolate air on 6 different occasions.  and realized i wasn't imagining it when jason's friend came to town and told me he's smelled the chocolate air as well.

well, my sleuthing skills are pretty weak but while we were on our architecture boat tour last week, we all smelled the chocolate air! ok, a boat full of people are smelling this too! i'm definitely not crazy. and our guide provided the very simple answer. "oh yes, you smell that? chocolate. there is a chocolate factory up the river." of course there is. thank you bloomer chocolate company for keeping chicago's air delicious.


saturdays. on the beach.

we love living a 10 min walk from the beach
and a 10 min drive from a free beach


big building makes for a little city

we had a little intern outing yesterday and went on an architecture boat tour on the chicago river. 
a) it was awesome
b) it was hot
c) jason and i were inspired by this view of the sears tower, (now called willis tower, but that's lame) and decided to get another view... from the 103rd floor!

this was the result:

simply looking out the window wasn't enough... we wanted to see straight down.. luckily they had the thought to accommodate our every desire.


summer reading list

holes - jason
lord of the rings - me
princess bride - jason
mansfield park - me
the count of monte cristo - both
1984 - jason

we make a lot of trips to barnes & noble. and so far, we've watched all of the movies too. [except 1984, we watch the movies after we've finished the book]

so i just finished my latest book, which means i need a new one soon. but i don't know what i want to read. and i only want to buy books that are worth buying.
(story: i bought a book to read a while back.. you will not see it listed above. it got 3 strikes and i threw it out. actually, i tore up that filth and then threw it out. i didn't want anyone to find it and be exposed to the terrible language and content. the end.)

so, any recommendations?


so you think you can sew

i definitely can't sew, but if i could i would want these awesome patterns from the 60's from the vintage create esty shop.

actually i still want them. they could be my little project.


btil says the darndest things

me: have you ever seen that movie? i haven't.

jason: silence of the lambs? oh yeah. i watched it with my dad. it's always on lifetime. for some reason they think that because jodie foster is in it, it's a woman's movie... it's not.

ramble ramble

the internet at work was down until 2 today, which makes life a little difficult when more than half of your job description involves online research and communication

i touched up my hi-lights last night and didn't screw anything up! go frugal/married me!

the stress relief lotion from bath & bodyworks would probably relieve my stress if i had any; for now, it just calms.

i need a pedicure.. like a month ago. frugal/married me insits on diy. but that is not cutting it anymore.

ok, that stress relief stuff is really getting to my head... i'm feeling a little woozy. maaaybe if i let my hands hang down waaay far away from my nose.. yeah, that should do it.


heeey sister

this is caitlin.
caitlin is my sister.
caitlin has curly hair.
caitlin just left for europe for a month.
lucky little duck.
and even though i already missed her while she was home in california and i am out in chicago,
i miss her more now that she's out of the country.
but i hope she has so much fun,
and doesn't get too homesick.


your help please

hey guys,
would you kindly take this short survey for me? it would be greatly appreciated. and if you would like, you can be entered to win a $50 visa gift card.

here is the link

lalalove to you all.


excuse me sir

people would probably like you more if you weren't so rude and went around calling people socialists instead of taking the opportunity to be a kind and generous person.

i hope i never have to work for a person like you.. though i probably will. and when i do work for a person like you.. i will kill you.. with kindness that is [insert smiley face here].

so rude sir, have a fabulous weekend! i know i will.


nifty gifty

i have long had an extreme love affair with headbands. all shapes and sizes. i don't discriminate. even when they give me headaches, i suffer through them, because as we all know, "it hurts to be beautiful." 
well speaking of which, i have recently fallen in love with these beautifully delicate headbands by yael steinburg. aren't they just lovely?


btil says the darndest things

i have a running document of items i find online that i want to remember the link to. jason came up behind me and saw a list of headlines and urls.

he asked, "what is that?"
i responded, "it's a list of things i like."
he quickly replied, "how come i'm not on that list?"

cute. yer cute jase. yup, i like ya

women of the world

we must address this issue. i thought i could ignore it and it would pass, but it has come to my attention that this is not the answer. at first it started with a few little old ladies. i can let that slide. they don't know any better. but young women! all over the place. let us get one thing straight. these poor lambs have fallen for the marketing ploy that by walking around in hideous sneakers, their little bums will look absolutely fabulous.. and maybe they will, but helllooo!?! news flash! no one is looking at your tush while you are wearing these ridiculous things. it's not worth it ladies. for $110 do you really want to commit fashion crime #72? i don't think so.

so i ask you. nay, i implore you.. please, remove the shoes... and then burn them


what goes up must come down

we were really excited to see the fireworks the other night. we packed up a blanket and treats and found the perfect spot on the beach. the place was packed, everyone looking out at the water, then the fireworks began and to our dismay all turned around to see them blocked by the trees. it was chaos, everyone around us freaked out and ran through the park to get a better view, but we were perfectly content to watch them right where we were. i had a nice little window. then we met up with jason's childhood bestfriend tyler and his girlfriend who were out in chicago for a visit. we just sat and chatted on the beach waiting for the crowd to filter out and the streets to clear up. all around it was a rather pleasant night.

this morning we met up with another friend of jason's, also named tyler, also from back home, for breakfast. it was soo soooo wonderful seeing familiar faces out here in chicago. so family, it's you're turn! come visit us.


i'm it?

i've been tagged. by sanchez. so i'm gonna answer a few questions to keep me honest. shouldn't be too hard.

Share one thing that nobody knows about you. 
hmm.. i have 2 "webbed" toes. though i must say, it sounds cooler than it actually is. they aren't actually weblike at all. maybe more like siamese twins... siamese twins connected at the calves and then free the rest of the way up.
What is your biggest regret in life? 
well if we are being honest, it'd probably be an ex of mine.  but that's of no concern now isn't it.  everything always works out the way it should.
What would you do for a thousand dollars? 
not much. pick my nose. or maybe a belly flop, but that sounds painful, and worse than that, i'd have to get my face wet.. and i hate getting my face wet.
If you could go back in time, would you still pick the person you are with right now?
absolutely with a capital everything. i'd pick jason if i went backward in time,  forward in time, upward, downward, sideways, diagonal, and any other direction you can think of.
What do you like or dislike about my (the taggers) blog page? 
love love the name and the inky finger pictures. seeing them makes me happy and want to do a finger painting for my mom
If you could take a trip anywhere, who would you take with you?
i'd take my family and jason's family to greece. gosh i miss those guys.

well that was fun now wasn't it!

4th kickoff

what: taste of chicago
where: chicago
why: good food and great music

yay for a nice long weekend with the hubs. happy 4th, america.


he'll take your picture too

my absolutely fabulously amazing wedding photographer, justin hackworth is unveiling his 30 strangers exhibit today.  during the month of april he shot portraits of mothers and daughters every day.. all people he had never met before.. strangers. instead of the usual session fee, justin asked participants to make donations the the center for women and children in crisis.

if you are in provo, i highly recommend that you check it out.

july 2, 6-9pm
july 3 & 5 12pm – 8pm
july 6-9 2pm – 5pm

26 west center street, provo ut


nifty gifty

i am going to start compiling a list. for 3 reasons.

a] to help jason keep up his trend of giving absolutely awesome gifts
2. to help me keep track of things i love and where i find them
III. to help all who need ideas for presents for sisters, friends, and moms
(and seeing as my mom, sister, and i all have practically identical tastes, you two can expect to receive one of the little goodies you'll see on here once in awhile)

today, i give you, the forget me knot ring from fredflare