a walk with the fireflies

we love going on walks with the fireflies. i hadn't seen them since i lived in connecticut years ago and jason had never ever seen them before. they are nice company. our walk last night took us to barnes & noble and i read jason the books that made me who i was today, and the books that i will read to our children, and quite possibly the best children books ever created.

jason actually read this one to me
he did a very good job- inflections in all the right places

and there are so many more i couldn't find... like the giving tree, and harold's purple crayon.  i really hope my mom still has all the books i grew up on. cause i think i want to read all of them next time i go home.


  1. When Max was born I had a "children's books" baby shower. Everyone brought their fav. to give to me and write in it a little note. Your Mom gave me The Napping House. It is so fun to open it up and see writing from the people we love!

  2. I have them all and many many more, on the shelf waiting for me to read to granchildren, lots and lots of grandchildren.

    The first time you ever saw and firefly was in St. Louis. We would try to catch them in a Kerr canning jar. They were so spectacular and they do love humidity!


  3. Ooh thanks, I will look into these! I'm always buying books for my son.