so what if i am a little girl

for some strange reason, everything seemed really heavy today. and by everything i mean doors, and by today i mean this morning. in particular, the doors at leo burnett were very heavy. i slowly pushed my darndest to get the revolving door to budge and someone walked in behind me and whipped me through that door so fast i was afraid it was going to catch my heel (actually i'm afraid the door is going to catch my heel every day no matter how fast it's moving.. an odd paranoia.. just like the fear of the shopping carts catching your heel. only happens once during your childhood and then you fear it for the rest of your life.. now that's true terror)

back to the point. things are heavy. like my fabulously favorite shoulder bag that i use every day, but when my laptop is in it, it is a rather difficult burden. so, i can either buy a lighter laptop oooorrrr i can get a cute little backpack to spread the weight to both shoulders. i haven't found the perfect one yet, but these ones are well on their way...


  1. i love that yellow one!

  2. these are adorable! I love the middle one.


  3. aaahhh those bags are gorgeous!!! :D love how they are so vintage-y and androgynous! :D

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  4. That yellow one is so cute...Awww now I want it:) Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful day:) I am off to read more of your posts:)

  5. Adore the vintage looking leather on the last piece!