since i'm quite obviously an expert in the area

for those of you that have never had the opportunity to live in the blessed land of provo, ut (where byu resides) let me fill you in on our quacky ways. we don't drink. we don't go to bars or keg parties. we go on dates. lots and lots of dates. which means that since provo is not home to bars and lounges we have many many frozen yogurt and cupcake cafes.  now as a self-diagnosed treat lover, this was quite a joy to me to have so many cute dessert places.

upon arriving in chicago i heard people rave about a few cupcake places, which i obviously had to go try and since they are in a big ole city they would obviously be the best cupcakes i would ever consume. guess what, that was FALSE.

one place had the great idea of filling their cupcakes which was yummy except for the fact that the actual cupcake was dry. another place had nice moist cupcakes except that they tasted like cupcakes that were brought to my 3rd grade class for timmy's birthday. and timmy's mother was no baker. she used a box. and they tasted great, but they were nothing special.

the conclusion: my favorite places in provo are 10 times better than the "best" places in chicago. so for those who you who still live in that blessed land, go to the chocolate, the cocoa bean cafe, or the sweet tooth fairy for me this weekend.

i thank you for your kindness.

oh the anticipation! [yes, that is a swing i am sitting on]


  1. If I must...I will go and eat a vanilla cupcake at the sweet tooth fairy. Or maybe a funfetti...or if you prefer something chocolatey...state your preference now. I'm doing it for you and the sacrifice is great...I don't want to have to eat all of those flavors just to make you happy. Pick one.

  2. oh wow, i was JUST saying this the other day. cupcakes in NY have yet to wow me as well. sad.

  3. My mouth is watering and Provo is not in site. boohoo.

  4. May your cupcake runneth over.