peas in a pod

i just made a brilliant discovery. jason and i are perfect for each other. no that is not the discovery, but the discovery made us even more perfect for each other. so for those who have known me for a long time- parents, brothers, childhood friends (heidi lynn)- know that my biggest pet peeve in the entire world is flared nostrils. they give me the eebiejeebies. it's this girl's fault...
...the 3rd daughter in fiddler on the roof. she flared her nostrils every time she sang, talked, breathed... it drove me nuts. which led to my pet peeve, which led to my brothers tormenting me with flared nostrils.

ok, let's get back to the point. today i came to the beautiful realization that jason physically cannot flare his nostrils. what a happy day.


  1. what a lovely way to look at it.
    this post made me laugh so much.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha. Love you. Such a deja vu to watching this movie in your basement!