our happiest day yet (warning: picture overload)

we were married on may 21, 2010 in the salt lake city temple
 a beautiful cloudy day

we came out of the temple and were immediately greeted by little nephew will, followed by his brother luke, and not to be out done, their little sister kate ran up too

it was rather windy

but that didn't stop us from getting pictures with the fam

then we took some pretty pictures around the temple

after that, we were hungry
jason and i grabbed some mcdonalds and headed over to the reception 
at cactus & tropicals - a greenhouse in draper

the cake was amazing, and i was simply in love with my flowers

the spread looked delicious

i'm sure it tasted delicious too, but i wouldn't know because we were busy chatting it up with loved ones...

...young [grandma lydia] & younger [niece kate]

my beautiful sister caitlin had written a song for jason and i

it brought tears to my eyes

i also had written jason a song. i was afraid i would cry.  i looked at jason the whole time and made it through 

though others were not so fortunate

then we cut the cake

and i KNOW that was delicious

outside some devious children attacked our car

jason and i said goodbye to little ones

and big ones

got in our trashed car

and waved goodbye

dear mom & dad,
thank you for the perfect reception
thank you for your love and support

love you,
rebecca and jason

photography by justin hackworth- wedding photographer extraordinaire 


  1. I would do it again for the most perfect couple. It was the both of you and your devoted love that made the pictures and day beautiful!


    (yet with Justin's artistic photography, our memories can live on. So, thank you Justin.

  2. I am so happy for you. Wish I could have been there. I love the green, especially the shoes. You look amazing. Love ya tons!!

  3. you are absolutely stunning! I love all of it, colors, your hair, happy couple, happy family, professional pictures-- everything. im so happy for your cute-self!


    Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!

  5. aren't parents the greatest?

    p.s. sorry i'm totally creepy and always post on your blog even though we've only met once...embarrassing, i know.

  6. your short dress and green shoes are fabulous!!! who made your dress??

  7. Bah! I am a new discoverer of your blog and I just discovered this post. I was married on May 29th, 2010!!!! What a wonderful month to be married. :)

  8. Thanks for your comment Rebecca. It is nice to hear that you like my pictures. :) Your blog is so cute and I love these pictures of your wedding. You look amazing!