i got a new way to walk! walk. walk.

this morning jason and i woke up nice and early to go on an athletic walk. as opposed to a leisurely walk in flipflops, we took a slightly faster paced walk in sneakers.  thus, athletic walk.  its my sorry excuse to get out of running. anyway, we walked down along the shore of lake michigan. it was beautiful. 
i love starting my day that way. and spending a little extra time with jason. i miss him while i'm at work. hmm, that sounds kind of pathetic... we're obviously still in the honeymoon stage.


  1. I hope you always miss him while you are at work--even after the Honeymoon stage! Love you, and I'm glad you are having a great time.

  2. I should really go on an athletic walk! Because its been so cold lately, I can't make myself get up early and go for a run in shorts and a t-shirt.
    its just too cold! D:

  3. I miss your dad when he's at work. The day goes by suuuuuper slow. Especially when I have to study. I'd much rather listen to him tell me stories.