chocolate.. ack

we are staying in a hotel outside of the city until we can move into our apartment (also outside of the city). every morning i walk 20 minutes from the train station to my building.  today on this glorious walk, it was 87 degrees with a pleasantly cool breeze. however, this breeze was rather unusual.  i don't know if it was the breeze itself or if the breeze stirred up the undeniable aroma- chocolate.

i made my way around the loop, 4 blocks north, 5 blocks west.  every step and every sniff, chocolate was very present (except for the brief moment i was downwind from a smoker, and i quickly sped-walked my way around him). i looked all around me, peeked in stores, checked the hands of people walking around me.  what is that? hot chocolate? chocolate donut?  if i had to put my money on it, it was definitely a very large chocolate croissant. very very large. it smelled just like a deliciously warm croissant you would find in the sweet streets of paris.. or so i would assume, seeing as i have never been there.  but i'd bet my bottom dollar that it smelled just the same.

it basically made my morning. "mmm. something smells delicious. and whatever that something is, it sure has chocolate in it. i wish i was eating it. but cool chocolate air is a pretty great alternative.  what a way to start the day.."

i never did solve the mystery of the chocolate smell.  but tomorrow as i make my morning walk, i'll be sure to keep my eyes, ears, and nose open. maybe i should take some claritin, or maybe some nasal spray, so i can be extra sure what i'm smelling is real. though maybe, chocolate air is just too good to be true.


  1. oh, i like these kinds of mysteries.

  2. Man, Chicago smells way better than NYC apparently... I envy thy chocolate air Rebecca.