because if the wheel wasn't invented, they wouldn't be able to get the dvr to my house

one month ago today, jason and i were married. we thought one month was kinda fun, so we decided to celebrate. we went out to dinner at charlies ale house. and boy oh boy, that burger changed my life.  i'm a simpleton when it comes to food classics. i like my burgers with meat, cheese, and a bun. i like my burritos with beans, cheese, and a tortilla. no added measures of taste. so how good can a restaurant get their main entree with no extra spices tickling your tongue.  i give you... the pretzel bun.

we came home to eat the ugliest cake ever created.  but it sure was delicious.  it was pretty heavy on the frosting and jason stated "i'm thirstier than a camel." this statement made perfect sense to him. this statement made me laugh. he also shared some wise words, "man, one month. that was a piece of cake." one very yummy, heavy on the frosting, piece of cake. 


  1. I could read your writtings everyday. They make me smile and chuckle. I'd say "laugh" but that would mean I made a noise. It feels really strange to be in the house by yourself and make a laughing out loud noise when no was in afraid. In fact, its kind of creepy cause you look around to see if anyone was listening. Anyway, i chuckled. Happy 1 month! Only 5 trillion, billion to go. ;)


  2. edit:

    "when no one was around", not "in afraid". I don't even know what that means.

    oops mama

  3. haha. see now that made me laugh. i made a little noise. and then the kid sitting next to me at work looked at me funny. oh well..