there are more verses?

we went on a fabulous date to toy story 3 last night. what a precious movie. i maybe shed a tear or two... or five. the movie must have put us in a kid-like mood cause when we got home we started singing some of our favorite songs and rhymes we learned as kids. we ran through on top of spaghetti, jack be nimble, rub a dub dub, and ended with if all the raindrops. we didn't get very far with that one..
jason sang, "if all the raindrops were gumdrops and.."
i sang, "if all the raindrops were lemondrops and.."
whoops, we both started with different ones. annnd, we both thought the other would then sing their other option so we both tried to accommodate one another in hopes of getting one right together.
jason sang, "if all the raindrops were gumdrops and gumdrops"
but i sang, "if all the raindrops were lemondrops and lemondrops"

we both stopped right there, looked at each other, and had a good laugh


so what if i am a little girl

for some strange reason, everything seemed really heavy today. and by everything i mean doors, and by today i mean this morning. in particular, the doors at leo burnett were very heavy. i slowly pushed my darndest to get the revolving door to budge and someone walked in behind me and whipped me through that door so fast i was afraid it was going to catch my heel (actually i'm afraid the door is going to catch my heel every day no matter how fast it's moving.. an odd paranoia.. just like the fear of the shopping carts catching your heel. only happens once during your childhood and then you fear it for the rest of your life.. now that's true terror)

back to the point. things are heavy. like my fabulously favorite shoulder bag that i use every day, but when my laptop is in it, it is a rather difficult burden. so, i can either buy a lighter laptop oooorrrr i can get a cute little backpack to spread the weight to both shoulders. i haven't found the perfect one yet, but these ones are well on their way...


i got a new way to walk! walk. walk.

this morning jason and i woke up nice and early to go on an athletic walk. as opposed to a leisurely walk in flipflops, we took a slightly faster paced walk in sneakers.  thus, athletic walk.  its my sorry excuse to get out of running. anyway, we walked down along the shore of lake michigan. it was beautiful. 
i love starting my day that way. and spending a little extra time with jason. i miss him while i'm at work. hmm, that sounds kind of pathetic... we're obviously still in the honeymoon stage.

btil says the darndest things

jason: i would've made a great ballet dancer. i'm tall yet graceful. i'm strong yet sensitive.

hahaha.. sheesh i love that man. sensitive.. sure i'll give you that one. graceful? sorry, no.

you all remember the btil days right?


hi thursday, my name's friday. wanna go on saturday to get a sundae?

i think the rain has finally left us for awhile. i hope we get to enjoy the beautiful lake.
happy weekend!

a walk with the fireflies

we love going on walks with the fireflies. i hadn't seen them since i lived in connecticut years ago and jason had never ever seen them before. they are nice company. our walk last night took us to barnes & noble and i read jason the books that made me who i was today, and the books that i will read to our children, and quite possibly the best children books ever created.

jason actually read this one to me
he did a very good job- inflections in all the right places

and there are so many more i couldn't find... like the giving tree, and harold's purple crayon.  i really hope my mom still has all the books i grew up on. cause i think i want to read all of them next time i go home.


i am a lone reed

it has come to my attention that the youth of this nation are green-frenzied, health conscious, anti-fast food, pro-"organic," crazy people.

i refuse to bend to your will. i refuse to be ashamed of my taco bell lunch. in fact, i am proud of it. and maybe i'll have it again tomorrow. cause guess what, it was delicious. and no, i will not go to the gym later. and yes, i'm gonna eat another cookie tonight. so there!


since i'm quite obviously an expert in the area

for those of you that have never had the opportunity to live in the blessed land of provo, ut (where byu resides) let me fill you in on our quacky ways. we don't drink. we don't go to bars or keg parties. we go on dates. lots and lots of dates. which means that since provo is not home to bars and lounges we have many many frozen yogurt and cupcake cafes.  now as a self-diagnosed treat lover, this was quite a joy to me to have so many cute dessert places.

upon arriving in chicago i heard people rave about a few cupcake places, which i obviously had to go try and since they are in a big ole city they would obviously be the best cupcakes i would ever consume. guess what, that was FALSE.

one place had the great idea of filling their cupcakes which was yummy except for the fact that the actual cupcake was dry. another place had nice moist cupcakes except that they tasted like cupcakes that were brought to my 3rd grade class for timmy's birthday. and timmy's mother was no baker. she used a box. and they tasted great, but they were nothing special.

the conclusion: my favorite places in provo are 10 times better than the "best" places in chicago. so for those who you who still live in that blessed land, go to the chocolate, the cocoa bean cafe, or the sweet tooth fairy for me this weekend.

i thank you for your kindness.

oh the anticipation! [yes, that is a swing i am sitting on]


because if the wheel wasn't invented, they wouldn't be able to get the dvr to my house

one month ago today, jason and i were married. we thought one month was kinda fun, so we decided to celebrate. we went out to dinner at charlies ale house. and boy oh boy, that burger changed my life.  i'm a simpleton when it comes to food classics. i like my burgers with meat, cheese, and a bun. i like my burritos with beans, cheese, and a tortilla. no added measures of taste. so how good can a restaurant get their main entree with no extra spices tickling your tongue.  i give you... the pretzel bun.

we came home to eat the ugliest cake ever created.  but it sure was delicious.  it was pretty heavy on the frosting and jason stated "i'm thirstier than a camel." this statement made perfect sense to him. this statement made me laugh. he also shared some wise words, "man, one month. that was a piece of cake." one very yummy, heavy on the frosting, piece of cake. 



so, i write songs. my sister and mother are great songwriters as well. there is something truly fabulous about creating something with your own skills, creativity, or whatever.  the thing is, you need a little bit of talent or know-how to do stuff like this, which is why my little to-do list may seem a little out of reach.

 i'd like to do them, doesn't mean i'll do them well...

- sew a sundress
- paint something on a canvas
- make my perfect headband

wish me luck

why would i need to make my perfect headband when i just found it at zaracarpenter's shop on etsy. jason is not so fond but i lalalove it!

one item can be crossed off of my list.. only 2 to go


see that big white one over there

after our honeymoon, jason and i spent a week with his parents in denver before we moved out to chicago. my parents and sister flew out for one last party and to see us off.  we all took a little day trip up to pikes peak one day. it was gorgeous, but a little cold.
we are having a blast out here in chicago but we sure do miss our families.


what's in a name

my name is rebecca with an r, hence the url

jason and i live in the blissful state of lala land, hence the blog name


the beginnings of an advertiser

i would like to share with you the commercial that made me realize a love for advertising.  i was probably 12.  this 2001 commercial has always stuck with me.  it is still one of my very favorites. interestingly, the tagline was written cerca 1940 and today is still known to be one of the greatest taglines of all time.  now, i must warn you, they did rerun the commercial in recent years with a different song, but it does not have nearly as much effect or power as the first one. behold, my very first advertising inspiration:


paper bag princess

dear self,
please never ever forget the time jason fought off the dragons to save you from the peril of endless sleep by waking you with a kiss, and how hard you both laughed.

much appreciated,

been bloggin for a year..today

first post

have i found any direction? nope.


peas in a pod

i just made a brilliant discovery. jason and i are perfect for each other. no that is not the discovery, but the discovery made us even more perfect for each other. so for those who have known me for a long time- parents, brothers, childhood friends (heidi lynn)- know that my biggest pet peeve in the entire world is flared nostrils. they give me the eebiejeebies. it's this girl's fault...
...the 3rd daughter in fiddler on the roof. she flared her nostrils every time she sang, talked, breathed... it drove me nuts. which led to my pet peeve, which led to my brothers tormenting me with flared nostrils.

ok, let's get back to the point. today i came to the beautiful realization that jason physically cannot flare his nostrils. what a happy day.

unwise bubble eyes

i need to write on a chalkboard:

i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer,i am not a photographer

i really really want a canon expensive something or other. but i know this to be an unwise purchase.  and christmas and my birthday are a loooong ways away, but i really want to be able to capture this city at it's finest.  tell me i'm crazy. k. cause the longer i think about it, and the more months that pass of still wanting it, i'm just gonna break one day and go buy it..  and then i'll be in trouble with my financially aware husband because i'm pretty sure >$600 camera is NOT in the budget.


chocolate.. ack

we are staying in a hotel outside of the city until we can move into our apartment (also outside of the city). every morning i walk 20 minutes from the train station to my building.  today on this glorious walk, it was 87 degrees with a pleasantly cool breeze. however, this breeze was rather unusual.  i don't know if it was the breeze itself or if the breeze stirred up the undeniable aroma- chocolate.

i made my way around the loop, 4 blocks north, 5 blocks west.  every step and every sniff, chocolate was very present (except for the brief moment i was downwind from a smoker, and i quickly sped-walked my way around him). i looked all around me, peeked in stores, checked the hands of people walking around me.  what is that? hot chocolate? chocolate donut?  if i had to put my money on it, it was definitely a very large chocolate croissant. very very large. it smelled just like a deliciously warm croissant you would find in the sweet streets of paris.. or so i would assume, seeing as i have never been there.  but i'd bet my bottom dollar that it smelled just the same.

it basically made my morning. "mmm. something smells delicious. and whatever that something is, it sure has chocolate in it. i wish i was eating it. but cool chocolate air is a pretty great alternative.  what a way to start the day.."

i never did solve the mystery of the chocolate smell.  but tomorrow as i make my morning walk, i'll be sure to keep my eyes, ears, and nose open. maybe i should take some claritin, or maybe some nasal spray, so i can be extra sure what i'm smelling is real. though maybe, chocolate air is just too good to be true.


defining summer

[last week in denver]
[newly inherited nephew]
[manny striking out to cook]

baseball games. nothing like a baseball game in the summer. too bad i was shivering innings 2 through 7. little matthew kept me warm when he was sitting on my lap. and kept me laughing when he sang "hey baby." ooo. aaah.


btil says the darndest things

jason: i want a taco
me: i want a kiss
jason: i hope your kisses taste like tacos


1. i cut my hair

2. i moved to chicago

my first day at leo burnett was today and it was grrreat.


our happiest day yet (warning: picture overload)

we were married on may 21, 2010 in the salt lake city temple
 a beautiful cloudy day

we came out of the temple and were immediately greeted by little nephew will, followed by his brother luke, and not to be out done, their little sister kate ran up too

it was rather windy

but that didn't stop us from getting pictures with the fam

then we took some pretty pictures around the temple

after that, we were hungry
jason and i grabbed some mcdonalds and headed over to the reception 
at cactus & tropicals - a greenhouse in draper

the cake was amazing, and i was simply in love with my flowers

the spread looked delicious

i'm sure it tasted delicious too, but i wouldn't know because we were busy chatting it up with loved ones...

...young [grandma lydia] & younger [niece kate]

my beautiful sister caitlin had written a song for jason and i

it brought tears to my eyes

i also had written jason a song. i was afraid i would cry.  i looked at jason the whole time and made it through 

though others were not so fortunate

then we cut the cake

and i KNOW that was delicious

outside some devious children attacked our car

jason and i said goodbye to little ones

and big ones

got in our trashed car

and waved goodbye

dear mom & dad,
thank you for the perfect reception
thank you for your love and support

love you,
rebecca and jason

photography by justin hackworth- wedding photographer extraordinaire