stress is the wrong word.  i'm not stressed. i'm scared.  guys, what happens when the letter doesn't come in time.  all of the plans, poof, ruined just like that all because the letter never came.

for those of you scratching your heads, i'm waiting for a very important letter, which jason and i need in order to get married. the wedding is 2 weeks away, and still no letter. 'oh,' some may say, 'you still have 2 weeks. that's plenty of time.' sorry to be disagreeable, but i disagree.  it's about to be the week before the wedding, and still no letter. it's about to be the week of the wedding, and still no letter. think of finding the perfect one and falling in love. think about making plans for the biggest day of your life. you've envisioned it a certain way and now it's time. everything is falling into place. now think about being told, 'you can't marry him yet..'

it consumes my thoughts. it makes my chest tighten, and my throat close in a little. i'm worried. i'm scared.
and it's completely out of my hands.  and since we're out of town, i don't even have the comfort of checking the mail everyday to see for myself if it has come.

whatdoido whatdoido whatdoido


  1. i check it every day at 1. fyi.

  2. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope it comes today!

  3. I'm thinking about and praying for you! No panicking yet!

  4. Sorry Rebecca! I'll keep you in my prayers too. Come on letter!!!