i'm ready for an adventure. (not that getting married isn't one) but i'm ready for city life/living in a new place adventure. i have friends off in new york, london, my sister is even heading to austria soon. not gonna lie. totally jealous. 
but i am excited beyond excited for chicago. this break has been really great, staying with family and relaxing, but i am ready to get back to work. i wanna be busy and overworked and loving every other minute of it.

i've never even been to chicago and i'm longing to be there.  i really hope it doesn't disappoint.

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  1. Chicago?! That is one of the great cities! Awesome food, interesting people, wonderful museums, and as our waitress told us, "I love living here because I love the ocean." Alan and I looked at each other with a "Huh?!" expression. She totally believed she lived on the ocean. The water IS great, though!