merry merry quite contrary

I am married to a man that with one word or one look can make me laugh and smile.

I am married to a man who truly puts me before himself.

I am married to a man who is strong, gentle, thoughtful, loving.

Jason and I have been married for one week and it has been the greatest 7 days of my life.

The wedding day was made extra sweet by my wonderful parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, friends, inlaws who worked hard to make the celebration nothing short of spectacular.

We are back from Mexico and off to Denver for our last party. Jason is currently sipping a cherry Dr. pepper and singing 'for the longest time' to me. so I'm going to join him.


  1. ahhhhhhh you're back!!!! LOVE it! glad you two are so merrily happy!!

  2. Pictures. Pictures. we want picture!
    So glad you are in digital contact again. I've missed you!

  3. marriage is so great! i am so happy for you two :)