let your voices [and music taste] be heard

it's come time to make a wedding playlist. i'd love your input. and by input, what i mean is, now is your chance to make a request. and by request, i mean i will literally put your song of choice in the mix. (as long as it's appropriate, and by appropriate i mean no bad words or dirty things, but other than that it doesn't have to be romantic or whatever)

so start casting votes!


  1. well, since i'm planning on being there in all my glory...here are some ideas:

    *alejandro (a non-dirty lady gaga!!)
    *any OK Go
    *also lovin' ting tings that's not my name
    *timbaland/katy perry if we ever meet again

    but of course these are just suggestions and if you absolutely hate any one of those, and i don't hear it on the mix, i wont be offended :)


  2. How about anything off the Peanuts soundtrack by Vince Giraldi (I know I spelled his name wrong.) There are some melancholy pieces on there...I am not recommending those, but the peppier ones would be fun at a wedding. Beautiful instrumental music. Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

  3. your love is my drug :) i'm obsessed with that song right now...

    glad your letter came!