i'm baaack!

did you miss me?

lets go with some 3 words thoughts so i get right to the point:
cruise was awesome
very nice break
dad got hurt
i got hurt
cait got burned
mom did homework
ziplining was incredible!
i missed jason
now i'm back
stressed about schoolwork

woooo! and just like that we're up to speed.
can i let you in on a secret. since i had no internet access while i was gone i have a whooole lot of emails i still need to go through. not looking forward to that. but i am looking forward to a whoooole lot of blog posts gathering in my reader. that'll be fun.


  1. i love the new look rebecca. it's like your an advertiser or something. either that or an anderson with crazy amazing creative genes.

    or advertiser.

  2. i definitely missed you. and your blog. welcome back!!

  3. Oh I'm so happy your back. :)