hello my name is..

..mexico. i am sunny and warm. thanks for visiting.

..linsday. i have really really good music on my playlist right now. and my roommate has been listening to it all day.

..annoying mommy blogger. and in my about me i tell about my "musings." i talk about how amazing i and my husband are instead of just plain being amazing. so come listen to me muse.

..nice weather. i'm coming to see my cousin, moderately nice weather, in utah soon. i'll see you then!

..school. i've held you captive for nearly 18 years. soon we will say goodbye forever. i'll miss you.

..tanning bed. if you're smart you won't burn. i know you liked stopping by today but be sensible. 

..bandwagon. you want to jump on me and get some sort of plastic camera. that's ok. wagon rides are way fun. just do it.

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