finals week

you know the drill. finals week and i have no finals. just presentations. i wish at the end of it all i'd be done done. but i'm not.  i'm 4 credits short.  so its 2 more independent study classes for me. a religion class and a cooking class. my hope is to fly through both of them (even if i means it get a bad grade) and have them done before the wedding. cause i reealllly don't want to be worrying about them during my internship.

can i just tell you about how much i hate independent study classes. i feel like busy work is the definition of these online classes.  i can't just get points for showing up to class and participating.  i have to actually read stuff and take quizes and learn things. come on. that's not what college is all about.

luckily i'll be all done with school forever really soon. it hasn't really set in yet, but that's kinda a big deal...


  1. When are you getting married? I know it's soon, but can't remember.

  2. 4 credits short?! I should share some of my extras with you. :) You are SO close! Congrats on your internship btw!!!

    The cooking class sounds like fun. I'm not sure how one would do that as an independent study class, but I guess some professor figured it out.

    I love that you use "learning things" to help describe the term "busy work."