it's like people hear you say, "oh i need this ______ for my wedding" and they say, "ok i'll have that done for you by tomorrow evening." but really they think, "nah, i'm really not gonna do this for 4 more days. this bride-to-be doesn't really need this stuff. let's just sit on it."

you people are liars! (throws chocolate at the tv...  name that reference) and are stressing me out! and are making me frustrated!

so, vendors of utah, you're customer service is lacking.

(with the exceptions of my awesome dressmaker, rockin photographer, and the ever fabulous costco.)


  1. I am ready and willing to go and chew someone out for you. OR punch them, if necessary. I try to eschew violence but sometimes it is necessary.

  2. Aha. Sounds frustrating. I'm sure everything will pull together :)