we are on the road to Denver. a bad snow storm hit going through vail which resulted in some sort of accident so cars are stopped pulled all the way over to either side letting emergency vehicles get through. maybe I shouldn't be using precious phone battery power to tell you all this.. sadly Jason and I forgot all forms of car charters and adapters in my car which I left in the care of my brother Sam. so we've just had a lot of great conversations. we'll be here awhile so if you're bored give us a ring

hope everyone is ok up there.


girls eyes only

i spent alot of today packing up my room. i also spent a large portion of today running errands... i think i went to about 8 different places through out the day. i did all of these things showerless (going on 3 days) and braless. and man was it great. these weren't just like, fill up your tank of gas errands where i didn't have to talk to people. these were like, meet with the florist, pick up invites, go to the post office errands.  good thing i was wearing my ever fabulous big ole baggy yale sweatshirt that i love so much..



it's like people hear you say, "oh i need this ______ for my wedding" and they say, "ok i'll have that done for you by tomorrow evening." but really they think, "nah, i'm really not gonna do this for 4 more days. this bride-to-be doesn't really need this stuff. let's just sit on it."

you people are liars! (throws chocolate at the tv...  name that reference) and are stressing me out! and are making me frustrated!

so, vendors of utah, you're customer service is lacking.

(with the exceptions of my awesome dressmaker, rockin photographer, and the ever fabulous costco.)

say it don't spray it

guys, i have so many things to talk about that i've just decided not to talk about any of them at all..  i was a very busy girl last week and now i really don't have that much to do (i am currently watching a marathon of america's next top model) i'm feeing too lazy to write about how cool my life is. pathetic.

however i will say, i rented new moon last night because jason needed to study and i didn't want to watch a movie he actually wanted to watch, so vampireywerewolf goodness it was. as i walked up to the register i tried to hide the dvd from all of the people in blockbuster who obviously wanted to know what i was renting. gah, so embarrassing.  



one day jason and i had a barbecue by the pool 

and then i cut my bangs

that night, i made 'chocolate surprise there is no surprise cookies.' (hi extended anderson family that is reading this.. that means there is no marshmallow in there.. surprise!)

and then i went to a bridal shower for marisa with roommates clairelindsay, and blogstalker marci (hi marci)

p.s. this whole post is a lie. none of these things happened in the same day. and i don't think they even happened in that order. however, they did happen. recently


I feel like there is a hair or spider web or fiber on the left side of my upper lip. I feel like its been there for 2 days. and no matter how much I wipe, brush, tug, or rub, the feeling remains. and there is definitely no hair. so there is nothing to wipe away. bummer

UPDATE: whatever it is, it's still there!!!! (april 22, 2010)



i really hated that header i just had.  it seemed so gimmicky. and see what's in that word. icky! we don't want that. so what it all really come's down to is what this blog is all about. which is a simple formula.

me + _______(insert something in my life) = bloggity blogness.

so for the time being, the featured 'something' in my life is a boy.
yay for new headers.

as we go on

alot has happened since high school graduation... annnd is it just me or do i look exactly the same. which is funny because i feel like i've gone through some different looks over these last 4 years and somehow i've ended right back where i started.

i graduate from brigham young university this week.
and by graduate, i mean participate in the ceremony.
after 4 more credits and an internship, i will actually receive my diploma.


finals week

you know the drill. finals week and i have no finals. just presentations. i wish at the end of it all i'd be done done. but i'm not.  i'm 4 credits short.  so its 2 more independent study classes for me. a religion class and a cooking class. my hope is to fly through both of them (even if i means it get a bad grade) and have them done before the wedding. cause i reealllly don't want to be worrying about them during my internship.

can i just tell you about how much i hate independent study classes. i feel like busy work is the definition of these online classes.  i can't just get points for showing up to class and participating.  i have to actually read stuff and take quizes and learn things. come on. that's not what college is all about.

luckily i'll be all done with school forever really soon. it hasn't really set in yet, but that's kinda a big deal...


hello my name is..

..mexico. i am sunny and warm. thanks for visiting.

..linsday. i have really really good music on my playlist right now. and my roommate has been listening to it all day.

..annoying mommy blogger. and in my about me i tell about my "musings." i talk about how amazing i and my husband are instead of just plain being amazing. so come listen to me muse.

..nice weather. i'm coming to see my cousin, moderately nice weather, in utah soon. i'll see you then!

..school. i've held you captive for nearly 18 years. soon we will say goodbye forever. i'll miss you.

..tanning bed. if you're smart you won't burn. i know you liked stopping by today but be sensible. 

..bandwagon. you want to jump on me and get some sort of plastic camera. that's ok. wagon rides are way fun. just do it.


nothing to say

sometimes when i'm speaking, a word comes out of my mouth with a southern accent.  does this ever happen to any of you? it feels so strange. like my mouth isn't in the right [i just tried to show it with a hand motion and a mouth twitch but obviously you couldn't see that]. but do you see what i am saying? and by see i mean get. i sure hope so. it is vitally important that you understand.

(elo vasquez)


i'm baaack!

did you miss me?

lets go with some 3 words thoughts so i get right to the point:
cruise was awesome
very nice break
dad got hurt
i got hurt
cait got burned
mom did homework
ziplining was incredible!
i missed jason
now i'm back
stressed about schoolwork

woooo! and just like that we're up to speed.
can i let you in on a secret. since i had no internet access while i was gone i have a whooole lot of emails i still need to go through. not looking forward to that. but i am looking forward to a whoooole lot of blog posts gathering in my reader. that'll be fun.