hypothetical situation: 
me looking at clothes/shoes/accessories/things you wear/worldly materialistic possessions. skimming through them online, in a store. gasp! oh i love this one. this is so me. this is awesome/amazing/gorgeous/perfect in every way. boy oh boy i want this. gasp! it's a bajillion dollars. this is single handedly the most expensive thing in the store, or at least its category. oh i want it. shame on my parents for raising a somewhat frugal daughter. but if i had this dress/headband/pair of shoes/tights/belt/purse/shirt all of my problems would be gone. i could get better grades/do more service/cook amazing meals every night/run faster/jump higher/cure cancer/win an olympic gold.

alas. today is not that day.

inspiration for today's post:

(yes. the dress is expensive. yes. the shoes are $120 MORE than the dress. oy vay)


  1. Don't you need a cute dress for an engagement party?

  2. I need them.
    How amazing would they be together?!