this is a test

ok so I am actually posting this from my Droid. hopefully it works. anywho, I'm sitting in the Vegas airport getting ready to board the plane that will take me home to Sacramento for a little bridal shower with some ward friends. whaaa!? bridal shower? its like I'm getting married or something. and then its off to l.a. for le cruise to Mexico con mi familia. but without le fiance.(like this marvelous mix of languages?) so I don't plan on being on or anywhere near my computer for a week and I'm very happy to.give that poor little guy a break. ciao bellas.


windy wendy

it's official. jason and i will be moving to chicago this summer. i was offered an internship with leo burnett and i couldn't be more thrilled. so it looks like i'll be working somewhere inside this building... 



yeah yeah, we manipulate people to sell things...

Smith & Wollensky from BYU Adlab on Vimeo.

please ignore this absolutely horrid opening shot of yours truly, but enjoy a taste of what we do at the byu adlab.


mmm popsicle

thursday was a terrible day full of stress, worry & tears
friday was a fabulous day full of success, calmness & smiles

(paper tissue)


remember when..

i used to talk about how crrrazy my life was while i was doing the l'oreal brandstorm competition (the links continue <- seriously this is hilarious. 7 different posts about brandstorm. 7!!).  and i was always working on it, thinking about it, talking about it. so funny thing is, this whole semester i've been working on another competition. the aaf national student advertising competition. [mouthful. i know] and you haven't heard a peep! i haven't said one thing about it. here's why. zero drama. i'm not worried about it, i'm not stressed about it. here's why again. a little word i like to call specialization. bigger team. division of responsibilities. and people actually doing what they are really good at. i love it!

specialization, what a novel idea..



hey guys. i'm calling out a favor of you. our engagements pictures came in. a few gems are displayed below. our amazing photographer, justin hackworth, promised us a beautiful wrap-around canvas if we reach 75 comments on HIS post. so i need you to go over to his blog and comment on OUR engagement post. plus you can see many more awesome photos of yours truly and my dashing fiance over on his site.

please please go comment over there and tell your friends. i will love you forever and beyond.



no more mister nice guy

that's it, i got spam commented on one too many times. sorry folks but the word verification on comments is officially turned on.

i hope that doesn't make you all averse to commenting. you know how i need that bloglove to boost my self-esteem. 


day in the life of an advertising major

i'm stressed because i haven't turned anything in lately, and i feel behind. but actually it's just that there is nothing i need to turn in. so i shouldn't feel stressed.

also, i'm stressed because i don't have any chapstick on my person. i think i have 2 in my car, 1 in jason's car, and like 5 in my room, but none on my person. boo.

and, i'm stressed because i'm not quite sure where i'll be interning this summer. i have a number 1 choice, and a number 2 choice, but have i done enough, and when will i know?

lastly, i'm pseudo stressed because i'm planning a wedding. but it's too fun, happy, and exciting to be real-life stressful. i like pseudo stress.



hypothetical situation: 
me looking at clothes/shoes/accessories/things you wear/worldly materialistic possessions. skimming through them online, in a store. gasp! oh i love this one. this is so me. this is awesome/amazing/gorgeous/perfect in every way. boy oh boy i want this. gasp! it's a bajillion dollars. this is single handedly the most expensive thing in the store, or at least its category. oh i want it. shame on my parents for raising a somewhat frugal daughter. but if i had this dress/headband/pair of shoes/tights/belt/purse/shirt all of my problems would be gone. i could get better grades/do more service/cook amazing meals every night/run faster/jump higher/cure cancer/win an olympic gold.

alas. today is not that day.

inspiration for today's post:

(yes. the dress is expensive. yes. the shoes are $120 MORE than the dress. oy vay)


a letter

dear mom,

i am who i am because of you.

i love you.

-a high-heeled-wearing rebecca



first of all, thank you thank you for all your warm wishes. second of all, i think i should be busy with school work but i'm not sure exactly what i should be doing right now. i'm sure a storm of work will hit soon though so i'm going to take full advantage of this little break. third of all, i've started a new blog for both jason and i. i'll continue my rantings, ravings, and advertising speak on this one, and the other one will be about all things jason. juuuust kidding. but kinda not. so in keeping with the trend we've got going on over here, the url (that's fancy speak for name, or website) is: rebeccawithaJ.blogspot.com

hope to see you there!