well hello there. i feel so disconnected from the blogging world since i haven't gotten online since we got to denver. but we're here and having so much fun.

and i'm excited to announce that......  i'm going to ny on monday! (didn't see that coming didja?)
i'll be flying straight from denver to ny while jason flies back to salt lake. why are you going to ny you might ask? well, i'll tell you. i'm going because i love what i am studying, because i am passionate about advertising, because i jump at the chance to learn more and gain greater experience, and simply because a few of us are going out to present to a client.

i have to admit, i'm kind of nervous, but very very excited. so, til then, i'm just going to keep enjoying our lovely time here in denver.

later gator.


  1. UMMMM HELLO! Someone owes me a phone call!!!!!

  2. Awesome becca! You'll do great in NY.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time :D
    New York will be AMAZING