"ethereal" "ok, now say it without a lisp"

i took a whopping 4 pictures in denver and a whopping 3 in new york (however, all 3 of those pictures were for the sake of a fellow student who was visiting the city for the first time)

the city... interesting i should say that. but after eleven years in connecticut no other city can replace that title in my mind.. sorry san francisco, but you'll never be my city. and interestingly enough, as much as i love new york i don't think i could ever live there. it made me feel sad... and dirty. oh and cold, naturally. you would think a person of my nature would be drawn to the city- the big lights, the big shows, all the people, but i just love a hometowny feel. i think new york and snow fall into the same category for me- - great to visit, not for living in.

speaking of snow, it's flurrying outside right now. though nothing is sticking. honestly we've had a pretty mild winter out here in provo, so you won't hear me complaining. which brings me to another fact.. we are finally going skiing again! hopefully tomorrow. so little flurries, keep coming down, since i know you're sticking in the mountains.

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