three word thoughts

he asked me
i said yes
never been happier
so in love

yes, it's true. jason and i are engaged. here's the story:

we decided to go out to our favorite little dessert place, the chocolate. we ordered our tasty treats. jason got the chocolate peanut butter cookie. i got a delicious cake called "the husband." there was no room down stairs so we went upstairs to find a place to sit. there was this little room off to the side that was secluded. we walked back there and there was a quaint little white table next to a window that was lit up with tiny white lights. the table had two vases of a dozen red roses (which i didn't think anything of because every table there has fresh flowers on it) there was also a classic looking book on the table (which i thought nothing of because the chocolate is decorated oh so charmingly.. i just assumed it was part of the decorations.)  so we sit down, and jason says, "oh look, your favorite book" i now see that it is "a tale of two cities" which is in fact my very favorite book [see profile]. so jason starts thumbing through the pages and gets to the first chapter where we find a heart shape cut out of the book and resting inside... the most beautiful ring. jason proceeded to say some things which i'm sure where lovely but i was too excited to pay attention and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. he already had the ring on my finger before i said yes. and there it will remain.

i've never felt so happy, so in love. i've been in love before but not like this. nothing has ever felt so right, so perfect. i didn't know it could feel like this but it sure can, and it sure does.  i thought february 24th would be a great day... guess what. it was


shake off your cool

today feels like it's going to be a great day. yeah, a wednesday, weird right.
and it's snowing. don't even care. great day, i'm ready for you.



i feel like claire.. howling at the moon. these past few days have been yucky. i'm still sick and i must say it has really cramped my style. we didn't get to go skiing today, which makes me sad. hopefully soon though. i've just been so tired, so i'm quite put out that it's 3 am and i'm not asleep. which means when i finally do fall into the grasps of rem i probably won't want to leave to rise and shine for church in the morning. i think my lingering illness has made me a bit moody. or maybe it made me stressed which in turn made me moody. or maybe it prevented me from doing the work i needed to do, which in turn made me feel stressed and still unable to accomplish the many tasks at hand.. hense, moody. sorry jason. thanks for being the gem of a boy that you are.


"ethereal" "ok, now say it without a lisp"

i took a whopping 4 pictures in denver and a whopping 3 in new york (however, all 3 of those pictures were for the sake of a fellow student who was visiting the city for the first time)

the city... interesting i should say that. but after eleven years in connecticut no other city can replace that title in my mind.. sorry san francisco, but you'll never be my city. and interestingly enough, as much as i love new york i don't think i could ever live there. it made me feel sad... and dirty. oh and cold, naturally. you would think a person of my nature would be drawn to the city- the big lights, the big shows, all the people, but i just love a hometowny feel. i think new york and snow fall into the same category for me- - great to visit, not for living in.

speaking of snow, it's flurrying outside right now. though nothing is sticking. honestly we've had a pretty mild winter out here in provo, so you won't hear me complaining. which brings me to another fact.. we are finally going skiing again! hopefully tomorrow. so little flurries, keep coming down, since i know you're sticking in the mountains.


achey breaky back

3:19 am: new york city- we're in our hotel business center. working busily on our presentation for tomorrow. i picked up some sort of bug so my throat hurts and my nose is stuffy so i'm waiting for some herbal tea to cool a bit before i can start sipping away. this was a nice fi5ve minute break now wasn't it. sure hope my professors don't see this and think i'm a slacker.

have i ever told you that i love this stuff?


day of sap

(daily dose of imagery)

hope you spent the day with your true love. i know i did.



well hello there. i feel so disconnected from the blogging world since i haven't gotten online since we got to denver. but we're here and having so much fun.

and i'm excited to announce that......  i'm going to ny on monday! (didn't see that coming didja?)
i'll be flying straight from denver to ny while jason flies back to salt lake. why are you going to ny you might ask? well, i'll tell you. i'm going because i love what i am studying, because i am passionate about advertising, because i jump at the chance to learn more and gain greater experience, and simply because a few of us are going out to present to a client.

i have to admit, i'm kind of nervous, but very very excited. so, til then, i'm just going to keep enjoying our lovely time here in denver.

later gator.


think for word

the youth of our nation believe they are agents of change.  change is progression. change is forward thinking. they love change, embrace change, thrive on change... except when facebook changes their home page. then they hate change. whine and moan about change. because they can't find their inbox. or figure out how to update their status. 

get used to it people. they are forward thinkers too. expect more changes to come.

(daily dose of imagery)


three word thoughts

does this make me lazy?
gosh, why am i always so lazy.
nah, i do these thr3ee word thoughts for you.
so you don't get bored of my ranting and ravings.

here we go:

happy for them
miss my mom
get better dad
evening class bleh
dreamt of ex
it was weird
still in class
fake paying attention
brought professor cookies
wasn't a bribe
denver on thursday
just can't wait 
love that boy
i'm feelin good
music is life
k i'm done

one true friend

(december 2006)

my darling friend marisa just got engaged to a swell guy named doug.  i couldn't be happier for them. congrats you two!


breaking news

 i witnessed the most incredible show the other night. a professional yo-yo-er. yup. 33rd in the world. he was legit. it was awesome.


in the swing of things

isn't it a great feeling when you know exactly what you want to do in life. and i'm not speaking generic- "i want to go into this field," or "i would like to have that some day down the road."
i'm talking clean cut specifics. i know exactly what i want. and when you have that kind of direction and my kind of drive, aint nothing gonna stop me. man it feels good.

i love my life. i feel so blessed. alot of things led me to where i am today. thank goodness for them all. for ever triumph, for every bump in the road. i'm so happy to be where i am. right now.