she put the hype in hyper

i had a dream. and in that dream my dad told me i need to stop neglecting my blog. weird huh. but he also told my sister to write a post. and she doesn't even have a blog. maybe i should have her write a post for this blog. that would be fun wouldn't it. so since it's been awhile since i've said much of anything i'm thinking we should keep it to threewordthoughts for today to catch you all up.

holidays were wonderful
i'm a homebody
closet is full
cousin elena's precious
i want babies
i want puppies
stressed about school
stressed about money
should've made resolutions
isn't too late

ok. on a side note. jason and i (really just jason) are watching the nuggets game tonight so i decided to make some brownies, but i left some batter in the bowl and licked it clean and now i'm not even hungry for the brownies! oh well. the batter was worth it.


  1. I am glad that you follow my advice at least in your dreams.
    Happy New Year

  2. We miss you and the whole family already! I'm sorry that your schedule is being such a stinker right now. I'm sure you'll have it all figured out by Friday.

    I like the threewordthoughts idea. I should use it in my journal when I get really far behind.

    The brownie dilemma happens to me every time I bake brownies/cookies.

  3. i want to write a post!

    except nobody would be interested in hearing my thoughts so nay to that idea of the dream.
    i'll write a post in my mind.

    .....ok done.