mares in the night

so the last couple nights i have had some really terrifying nightmares. last night's resulting in me waking up hot and sweaty and scared. after a little phone conversation with my main man i went back to sleep.
seriously though folks, the last time i hate such a yucky scary dream i was a kid! and normally i don't even remember my dreams or they are quick images that don't make up much of a story, and i usually don't sweat at all... ever. even when working out (haha.. ok, i probably don't sweat cause i don't work out, but still) the point is.. this has all been very odd for me.. vivid scary dreams.

i came to the conclusion as i was rocking out to an old dirty30 playlist on my way home from campus today that i must be having such rattling dreams because every thing else in my real life is peachy keen. and hasn't been quite this full of peach in a very long time. and while i may complain about being over worked and underpaid (underpaid = not at all paid) and have anxiety over the fact that my future jobslashinternshipslashschooling is quite unclear and i have no idea what the future holds for me, the fact of the matter is, there's no way i could be unhappy with the direction it takes.

i love what i'm studying. i love the people i am studying it with. we really have a rockstar major with rockstar professors. i'm excited what the future holds for me. everything is looking up up up. this must be why my dreams are so down down down.

but the thing is...
i really quite prefer to dream in a blur

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  1. i can interpret your dreams for you if you would like. i've been known to do so, so just give me a ring-a-ling if you so desire me to tell you the reasons of the mares in the night.