"it's like a madhouse with the keeper gone"

my friend ashley and i went and saw byu's production of tartuffe last night.
it was amazing! and funny! and everyone was so talented!
a) if you are in provo, you should really go. you won't be disappointed
b) i just realized i have no 'b,' so i don't know why i wrote 'a' before that previous sentence

changing course:
i'm going skiing today. this will be my first time ever skiing in utah.
yes, i've been here 4 years.

school is good. i stress myself out sometimes, but i'm not really stressed. there's a lot of work to do but some how or another, it all gets done. i don't really notice.

my poor roommate lindsay is sick in the head. oh wait, no, sick in her bed.
i just want her to get better.

my trip home with jason was amazing.
pictures will be here shortly.

all in all, i'm back
and will do my very best to stop neglecting my blog.


  1. hey, my good friend rafe is in that play! i've been thinking i should go see it.

  2. Is there anyway I can haggle some free tickets to the show being that we're doing advertising for them? and yes I want to help out with the theatre group with you.

    can't wait to see the pics of the trip..

  3. I'm so glad you like it. I think it's amazing! and not just because of a certain maroon-haired ukulele player, but that's definitely a plus! haha