final semester in the school of not so hard.. well anything

my schedule has changed many many times. and will probably change a few more times.  this is my last semester, so i want to take some classes i know i'll really enjoy in subjects that i probably wouldn't ever get the chance to learn about later on in life.. only problem is the college of fine arts and communications has this little requirement that a certain amount of credits come from a certain approved list and i am not certain that the certain classes i want to take get this certain approval. essentially it all comes down to this.. i have been on campus since 9:30. it is now 3:30. and i have yet to go to a class that i will actually be remaining in.  in fact, i've only been to one class all week that i'm actually going to be in for the rest of semester. i'm feeling a little behind. and hungry. i'm feeling hungry too.

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