comeback kid

yeah. i think i did a pretty good job. getting back into the swing of things. blog writing and all. i got on here with the intent to say something, but i just forgot what it was. whoopsies. sooo, we're just gonna wing it.

i changed my passwords. maybe i shouldn't say that on here. oh well. i used to use two different ones. but i wanted them all to be the same. so i changed everything to the same password. and when picking my new one, it was very important that i could type it all with one hand. just goes to show how lazy i am.

oh and i think i'll share a little reason why i likeandlove jason. the other night i was concerned with the flow of my outfit. jason ever so sweetly said,

"your shoes go great with those jeans, and those jeans go great with that shirt, and that shirt goes great with that jacket... and that face, well it goes great with anything"
[insert 'awww' here]

yeah he's a gem. i think i'll keep him around for now.

umm and just so this is documented- i loooove skiing. we went up to the canyons at park city last week and it's all i can think about. i just want to go back. i want to go every day. so fun. i can't believe i'm a senior at a school in utah and this was my first time skiing here. so goal for february: go skiing.

speaking of february. holy januaryisover! cuh-razy. thank goodness. now all we have to do is get through february and then it's march. and then nice weather starts peaking through. man i love warm weather. almost as much as i love posts about nothing. which is what this has become. i must be back.

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  1. One of these friday nights we'd love to have you over for dinner. Up for it? Luv---wendy