comeback kid

yeah. i think i did a pretty good job. getting back into the swing of things. blog writing and all. i got on here with the intent to say something, but i just forgot what it was. whoopsies. sooo, we're just gonna wing it.

i changed my passwords. maybe i shouldn't say that on here. oh well. i used to use two different ones. but i wanted them all to be the same. so i changed everything to the same password. and when picking my new one, it was very important that i could type it all with one hand. just goes to show how lazy i am.

oh and i think i'll share a little reason why i likeandlove jason. the other night i was concerned with the flow of my outfit. jason ever so sweetly said,

"your shoes go great with those jeans, and those jeans go great with that shirt, and that shirt goes great with that jacket... and that face, well it goes great with anything"
[insert 'awww' here]

yeah he's a gem. i think i'll keep him around for now.

umm and just so this is documented- i loooove skiing. we went up to the canyons at park city last week and it's all i can think about. i just want to go back. i want to go every day. so fun. i can't believe i'm a senior at a school in utah and this was my first time skiing here. so goal for february: go skiing.

speaking of february. holy januaryisover! cuh-razy. thank goodness. now all we have to do is get through february and then it's march. and then nice weather starts peaking through. man i love warm weather. almost as much as i love posts about nothing. which is what this has become. i must be back.


mares in the night

so the last couple nights i have had some really terrifying nightmares. last night's resulting in me waking up hot and sweaty and scared. after a little phone conversation with my main man i went back to sleep.
seriously though folks, the last time i hate such a yucky scary dream i was a kid! and normally i don't even remember my dreams or they are quick images that don't make up much of a story, and i usually don't sweat at all... ever. even when working out (haha.. ok, i probably don't sweat cause i don't work out, but still) the point is.. this has all been very odd for me.. vivid scary dreams.

i came to the conclusion as i was rocking out to an old dirty30 playlist on my way home from campus today that i must be having such rattling dreams because every thing else in my real life is peachy keen. and hasn't been quite this full of peach in a very long time. and while i may complain about being over worked and underpaid (underpaid = not at all paid) and have anxiety over the fact that my future jobslashinternshipslashschooling is quite unclear and i have no idea what the future holds for me, the fact of the matter is, there's no way i could be unhappy with the direction it takes.

i love what i'm studying. i love the people i am studying it with. we really have a rockstar major with rockstar professors. i'm excited what the future holds for me. everything is looking up up up. this must be why my dreams are so down down down.

but the thing is...
i really quite prefer to dream in a blur


por favor?

hello blog world,

so being the cute little advertising student that i am, we are doing some research for a client and i would love it if you would take a little survey for me.

a) because you love me, b) because i love you, and c) because you will be entered to win a $50 visa gift card.

our target is around 18-30, so if you're too young [ mom ;) ] i know that you would willingly participate, but it's the thought that counts right?

thanks dolls


tra la la la la

yes. i am well aware that i ended both my last two posts with "all in all." i was going to slyly go change 1ne of the sign offs. instead i am drawing your attention to them. pretty sneaky ay.

(some required)


as promised

among some of our weekend activities:
snowmobiling in tahoe 
(it was caitlin's first time getting to drive her own after years of having to ride on the back of my mom's)
scooter rides
hot tubbing
walks with parker the dog
wii games

all in all, we had a marvelous time with my parents


"it's like a madhouse with the keeper gone"

my friend ashley and i went and saw byu's production of tartuffe last night.
it was amazing! and funny! and everyone was so talented!
a) if you are in provo, you should really go. you won't be disappointed
b) i just realized i have no 'b,' so i don't know why i wrote 'a' before that previous sentence

changing course:
i'm going skiing today. this will be my first time ever skiing in utah.
yes, i've been here 4 years.

school is good. i stress myself out sometimes, but i'm not really stressed. there's a lot of work to do but some how or another, it all gets done. i don't really notice.

my poor roommate lindsay is sick in the head. oh wait, no, sick in her bed.
i just want her to get better.

my trip home with jason was amazing.
pictures will be here shortly.

all in all, i'm back
and will do my very best to stop neglecting my blog.



we're hitting the road tomorrow
jason and i are heading to california for the weekend
he'll be meeting the parents
i've never brought a boy home from school before
couldn't be more thrilled

(picture source: deviantart)
{currently listening to: bon iver "skinny love" - on repeat}
[time: 1:27 am]


magic magic magic

jason and i joined up with marisa and doug the other night and went to a little magic show. it was... interesting to say the least. but why write a whole blog about it when marisa has already featured a nice little video on her's. so clickyclicky to go see the amazing magical wonders we beheld.

needless to say we left early to go hit up the malt shoppe followed by some good ole monopoly deal.


yeesh, you're blushing again

know that feeling when you can't stand your wardrobe and you're just not happy in your clothes?
well i am so not feeling that!


final semester in the school of not so hard.. well anything

my schedule has changed many many times. and will probably change a few more times.  this is my last semester, so i want to take some classes i know i'll really enjoy in subjects that i probably wouldn't ever get the chance to learn about later on in life.. only problem is the college of fine arts and communications has this little requirement that a certain amount of credits come from a certain approved list and i am not certain that the certain classes i want to take get this certain approval. essentially it all comes down to this.. i have been on campus since 9:30. it is now 3:30. and i have yet to go to a class that i will actually be remaining in.  in fact, i've only been to one class all week that i'm actually going to be in for the rest of semester. i'm feeling a little behind. and hungry. i'm feeling hungry too.


she put the hype in hyper

i had a dream. and in that dream my dad told me i need to stop neglecting my blog. weird huh. but he also told my sister to write a post. and she doesn't even have a blog. maybe i should have her write a post for this blog. that would be fun wouldn't it. so since it's been awhile since i've said much of anything i'm thinking we should keep it to threewordthoughts for today to catch you all up.

holidays were wonderful
i'm a homebody
closet is full
cousin elena's precious
i want babies
i want puppies
stressed about school
stressed about money
should've made resolutions
isn't too late

ok. on a side note. jason and i (really just jason) are watching the nuggets game tonight so i decided to make some brownies, but i left some batter in the bowl and licked it clean and now i'm not even hungry for the brownies! oh well. the batter was worth it.