hidden falls

we went on a hike yesterday to hidden falls with my family. it was a beautiful day though a little chilly.  when we reached the falls we ran into my uncle and aunt and their family. it was a lovely yet dangerous encounter because ten people were all trying to squeeze by and hug on a 2.5 foot wide trail with a rocky hill looming to one side of us. no one was hurt, unless you count my foot getting stepped on but really i only think my boot suffered there. my brother sam took some amazing pictures of the falls with the use of a tripod and i'd share them with you but he's all the way in the house and i'm in the pool house and that's just too much darn work, which is a shame because when sam takes pictures (and he takes a lot) you know where they end up? in the dark abyss of his computer. he doesn't believe in facebook, or blogging, or photo sharing of any kind. i wonder if my impeccable persuasive powers could change that...

a review

the only reason 2010 calls for a review is this- within about one month of each other i:
graduated, got married, and moved to chicago
so instead of reviewing 2010, i really am reviewing april through may. 
the rest of the year was pretty good though what with spending all of my time with jason. he's entertaining.


a christmas surprise

wasn't expecting this bad boy. but that makes it all the more exciting yes? yes. especially after coveting one for two years. now to learn all that i need to learn about it, which is a lot. lucky, my sister in law michelle got me a photography book and she didn't even know i was getting this. how perfect is that?
i'm off to photograph more people lazily sitting around in the house in their pajamas. come on people, do something cool so i can take a picture of it!

thanks momanddad.


merry christmas

there were about 5 lucky people/couples that received this impromptu christmas card, and they all happened to have parent somewhere in their title.


good boy

jason and i were play fighting, then jason pretended to beat me up, then rocky the family dog got mad at jason and his old self got all riled up and he barked and growled and did his best to get between jason and i. 
good boy rocky, good boy.



and above all, watch
with glittering eyes
the whole world around
you because the greatest
secrets are always hidden
in the most unlikely places.
those who don't believe in 
magic will never find it.

- roald dahl



medical alert

i suffer from chronic aphthous ulcers. i'm doomed. ok really that's just the medical term for canker sores so not that serious. but what is serious is that this canker sore is causing serious pain when: 
brushing my teeth,
eating chocolate,
and kissing.
but i guess since i can't eat chocolate, i don't have to brush my teeth, but if i don't brush my teeth, kissing probably isn't an option, and if no kissing is happening then i want chocolate. it's a vicious cycle!!!


yo adrian, i did it!

as of two weeks ago, i'd never seen a rocky. as of tonight, i've seen five. holy apples, i love these movies and holy bananas, i love rocky. he is the sweetest, dumbest, sturdiest guy i know. jason's family dog really holds true to his namesake.


btil says the darndest things

me: chocolate covered raisins aren't doing it for me anymore.. and it's not that we had to switch brands. even just a piece of chocolate.. it's just not giving me the...

jason interrupts: you should try crack

party time

our favorite photographer justin hackworth threw a little party a couple nights ago for his clients from the past year. complete with a photobooth, a raffle with enough prizes for everyone, cookies & kettle corn, and a wonderful private concert by mindy gledhill. jason found a sword. i don't think it was part of the christmas prop pile.  i think it belonged to one of justin's cute boys. he used it anyway.


hint hint

dear jason aka btil aka boythatilove,
if you'd like, you can buy me one [or two] of these for christmas. 
your adoring bare necked wife

p.s. you're just such a good necklace giver. why change it up when things are going so well?

is it pps or pss? pps makes more sense right? post, post script. why do so many people say pss?

p.p.s. honey darling, these are in no particular order. in fact the ones near the top are not my favorite, but that's not to say that i don't love them dearly- like they were my own children in fact. (future children, don't hate me for saying i love these necklaces like i'll love you; it's simply not true) 

a peek in lala land

last night...

we did not: go out, watch tvondvd, movies, or sports, make a crazy intricate meal, play a board or card game

we did: try to high five each other while one of us had our eyes closed, find running horses and scottish terriers in our ceiling, attempt to sleep upside down, catch/trytocatch chocolate raisins in our mouth, teach/receive a lesson in juggling using rolled up socks, sing blue dabbadee dabbadie, drink water like a little boy and an old man at the same time, and laugh/giggle all night long


me time

hot cocoa hurts my tummy so i'm pretty selective about when i drink it. and i'm not a fan of starbuck's hot cocoa because it tastes too bitter for me. however, today i needed a little break. i went to starbuck's and ordered a salted caramel hot cocoa. i sat down at a table, no company, no laptop, and just relaxed and sipped, relaxed and sipped. it was marvelous (the quiet time) and delicious (the cocoa).


marital bliss goes something like this


tonight i made wantons and oriental chicken salad. it took 4 trips to the grocery store to accomplish this meal. 
1-the trip we made last week for a weeks worth of meals, 2-a quick trip today to grab non-frozen meat that we wouldn't have to rapidly defrost, 3-jason made another trip to grab soy sause, 4-and because he didn't take his cell phone with him, i made another trip as soon as he got home to get salt and pepper shakers cause we left ours up at the cabin over thanksgiving. 
all in all, the meal turned out splendidly delicious, except most likely very very unhealthy.  don't let the word salad fool you.

then we had a date in our living room with netflix and chocolate covered raisins. the movie was, for lack of a more mature word, laaaaaaame. but the company was splendid. and when i was really bored i'd just lean over and give jason kisses. and when the movie was really cheesy, we'd make fun. so i'd say it was a success.

[picture from a picnic in the fall]


sunday treats

last week, i made a big sheet of pumpkin squares with cream cheese frosting and boy they were delicious. there were so many of them i thought we'd never make it through.. what a laughable idea. of course we finished them. (there was a little sharing involved)

this week i made flourless peanut butter cookies with kisses on top, but i smooshed [technical term] some of them down so they are just a big pot of chocolate.  i always have trouble eating those kiss cookies. what is the best way to approach them? each all the way around the kiss, then have some chocolate on your last bite? do you bite half way into the chocolate as you eat the cookie? but if you do that, sometimes after they've cooled the kiss disconnects from the cookie. it's an arduous task my friends. tricky tricky little kisses..

i was a little apprehensive to make flourless cookies but they turned out wonderfully! i found the recipe here and altered it just a bit. i promise you, these flourless little guys won't disappoint.

(plate from anthropologie)


post high bun hair day

scarf: gap, shirt: j.crew, pants: target, belt: oldnavy, boots: dsw

if i post an outfit on here without proclaiming myself to be a fashion blog does that mean that i think that i am fashionable?  cause really it means that i just round-house kicked fashion rule #27 in the face. denim/denim combo. so if you break the rule on purpose, does that make it acceptable? i'd give that a resounding yes.

my obsession with fashion blogs has been on the rise lately.  which makes getting dressed every morning fun and not so fun. fun because i like how a good outfit makes me so happy. not so fun cause sometimes it leaves me yearning for new things. i know 30for30 has been all the rage lately, and i'm not about to take on that challenge, though this little post here may be the start of something new..


me and les mis

my love affair with les mis began when i was a wee one.  my mother, barbie, is quite the amazing singer. she has graced many stages to perform musicals and concerts. so from a young age, all of us children were exposed to a great deal of music. i was 4 when we moved to connecticut, which contrary to popular belief is not in the south, its east of new york people.

i don't remember the exact age. maybe 7? but i do know this. les miserables was the very first show i saw on broadway in the great city of new york. i remember wishing i could be little cossette, up there singing on the stage in front of all those people. i remember looking for her at the curtain call and i asked my mom why she wasn't there and she told me she probably went to bed. yes, that makes sense, cause my seven year old self is really tired too. i might have fallen asleep near the end. and that's when it began. that year i sang "castle on a cloud" for our school talent show.  my mom dressed me up in rags, put dirt on my face and a bucket in my hand and i sang my little heart out.

a few years later we went again. and then again a few more years after that.  when my brothers and i finally got around to seeing phantom of the opera, we scoffed at it, claiming les mis was so much better.

while at dinner tonight, some of the songs came up. jason sang "castle on a cloud" with me and we remembered how awesome it was when susan boyle sang "i dreamed a dream" on britain's got talent.  i shed a tear every time. then i had to sing "look down look down, you're standing in your grave" and "welcome monsiuer, sit yourself down, and meet the best innkeeper in town"

what is with that music? it is just so good! and the story, oh the story. so beautiful. i would put on the soundtrack as a child and dance around the family room as i sang along.  i may have abandoned my dream of becoming a star freshman year of college when decided that advertising was the place for me, but i may or may not still dream of being little cossette.. i might be too old for that now, so maybe i should start dreaming of being big cossette. it's not too late is it?

so dear friends, read the book, watch the movie, listen to the soundtrack, and go see the show.

(why do all of my favorite things take place in france? a tale of two cities, les mis, amelie, and why have a i never been there?)

btil says the darndest things

jason: "i like your gargoyle sweater"

me: "argyle" 


btil says the darndest things

"i'm ungrateful for caitlin"

i love that my sister and husband get along so well. hahaha


last christmas i gave you a shoe

my parents and little sister came out to utah for thanksgiving to spend it with jason and i, my brothers and their wives.  we stayed up at a cabin in park city. some of the highlights of the weekend were

hot tubbing in 104 degree water in 7 degree air
food a plenty
modern family season one
jason singing caitlin and i to sleep while we laughed our little hearts out
zumba! my sister in law alexandria is an instructor so all us ladies got in a nice work out the morning after the big meal
walking through the shops in park city trying on hats and admiring paintings
outlet shopping
games we all enjoyed

and most of all

its officially christmas time
which means i am currently listening to good christmas music, i put up what little decorations i have, and i admired our well-off neighbor's yard aka park. you can admire it too. seriously, they're competing with temple square. this is maybe one eighteenth of the lights covering their forest. i foresee jason and i taking many a walk by this house in the next couple weeks to enjoy the happy colors.


a little thing i'm grateful for

i'm thankful for jason, but we all new that. really i'm thankful to be able to spend my holidays with the boy that i love and not have to skype with him all week long while we are each at our respective families' homes.  cause that sucks.  splitting family time stinks too, but at least i'm with my man.


let's send out 11 consecutive texts to remind them of the non-existant severe weather

a few weeks ago, jason and i gave ourselves a rule. we can only eat out once a week. sit down, fast food, whatever it may be, it may only happen once. this was to help our wallets and waistlines, but actually its just made going out that much more fun.  moderation.. what a novel idea.

so tonight found us at: 
red robin where we found some bottomless fries
then the empty byu basketball game where we found another blowout
then the cocoa bean where we found ourselves really full after sharing two delicious cupcakes
and then home where we found our favorite netflix treasure of the moment, 30 rock.

we still haven't found the storm they warned us all week about.
anyone, anyone?

i should write in caps i'm that excited

big day for that boythat ilove so much:

A+ on an exam
received a grant
was hand picked to be a part of some fancy new association for business students

i'm so very proud



sounds like or
but when you put or in
it sounds like erm.


luke and the bird

family barbecue
[oh the irony of that link.. he's supposed to be so righteous]
his finger
a little surprise when we looked through the photos


a highlight in an otherwise lame-o day

i went to the temple today. it was my dear friend linsday's very first time and it was just lovely. i love her and i love families and i love temples!

dancing in the kitchen

this is not a joke or a cute little saying. i dance in the kitchen often. and currently every time this song comes on i dance to it. and seeing as it is on a playlist consisting of only four songs, it comes on a lot. i've long had a major girlcrush on marina.

{{i wish i could look like her in her i am not a robot video, cause she's a babe and who doesn't want to have sparkly diamonds all over their body or rhinestones on their lips and eyelids. [who's up for recreating this music video with me. anyone, anyone?] }}

and while this particular song is not the latest in breaking music news, it's still a wonderful gem.

did you dance a little? i know i did. and i'm in bed.


perfect sunday

here's what a perfect sunday entails..

- 7 year old nephew giving a legit talk in sacrament meeting about gratitude (the bishopric knew exactly what they were doing when they asked him. this kid's solid. he wrote the whole thing himself and then spoke from the heart a bit at the end, challenging the congregation to "think of one, no, think of three things you are grateful for")
- followed by wonderful talks by his parents
- then a delicious meal
- a viewing of elf where everyone in the room was asleep at one point or another
- a triple batch of nobakecookies
- a drawing of names for gifts for the extended family
- and finally, getting back home by 7:20 with still plenty of the evening to enjoy more relaxing and quiet



what happened to those things? i remember that big boxy looking thing getting pulled out any time one of us young children were sick. what did it do? what was it for? did it work? i do remember they always fascinated me.. filling them up with water, the steamy air coming out the top. well i've been sick going on three months now. i'm taking vitamins, drinking a lot of water, getting plenty of sleep. so the next answer must be a humidifier.. obviously. were they a thing of the 80s and 90s? do people other than liz lemon still use them?

i'd call my mom but she's off in barcelona for the weekend.. lame.


this was mine

Your Second Shot TV: Barcelona from Dentsu America on Vimeo.

this was my idea.. seriously. for a local wedding photographer the byuadlab was working with. now canon is doing it, and this was my very idea (enhanced by some great creatives working with us). i don't know if i should be frustrated or proud. i think frustrated. advertising is in the business of ideas. we come up with ideas every day and that is what we sell to our clients. i guess we didn't go a good enough job selling it cause the project never happened. but that is basically what we proposed to do.. sad sad day.


350 degrees

i wasn't going to make cookies tonight. i had a piece of chocolate cake with raspberry cream filling covered in chocolate ganache [compliments of my sisterinlaw michelle]. i figured that filled my treat quota for the day. however, certain situations constitute the allowance of innumerable amounts of sweets.

breakups, womentimes, girlfriends' breakups, girlfriends' womentimes, weekends, movie nights, game days [this list got longer than i expected quicker than i expected].

i don't know how this fits into the list, but my executive decision is that it belongs there: car troubles.
i have to register my car in utah [that's a whole issue of its own.. a utah license plate will be on my car. utah! people..] i probably need new tires. and to top it off, today i got a parking ticket. eh, twentyfive dollars. nothing to cry over. five hours later when i sat down to pay that ticket online, i realized i had three parking tickets. then i felt like crying. and after i decided it wasn't worth crying over, i decided that this warranted cookies.

so now i'm making cookies tonight.. i wonder if i could pay these tickets in cookies. they are really really good cookies.



it was necessary that i [jason helped] laid down some ground rules.

rule #1 i may only listen to radio christmas music when i am driving by myself until thanksgiving [i was also informed that i may not even sing christmas songs until thanksgiving.. why do i always live with such scrooges.. lindsay is a scrooge too]

rule#2 upon thanksgiving, i will start listening to the quality christmas albums that we all know and love [celine, sarah mclachan, john denver, manheim steamroller, trans siberian orchestra, and so many more]
at which time i may also listen to christmas music with jason around. he's so kind.

rule#3 space out christmas present purchases. if finish too early i'll be bored come december.

rule#4 wait until today to switch out my scents. cinnamon scentsy and peppermint hand soap. yum.

rule#5 don't make a christmasy header.. [i blatantly disobeyed that one]

it's christmas time here in lalaland!



my cute parents are in paris. i'm so happy they get to take such a fun trip. this is their first really big trip since my dad got sick. it's so very wonderful that they got to go. but while i'm so ecstatic that they are off in paris, i'm also rather envious.  i wish i was in paris right now..  or bora bora.. australia would be nice too.

[i switched pictures.. i like this one so much more]


i think i have the black lung pop

i hate getting my face wet. in the pool, in the rain, in the shower. which also means i'm pretty averse to washing my face.  because i especially hate getting my face wet when the rest of me isn't wet.  i hate how my hair feels if a bit of water gets splashed around the roots, i hate the way the water runs down my arms, and mostly, i hate purposefully splashing water all over my face.

i use face cloths, but those get dirty so quickly. i use disposable towelettes but those get expensive.  i took to showering at night since that makes the process more bearable but who showers every day. psh.. not me.  cause then your hair gets wet and that's a whole new set of problems.

well tonight i found the answer. lots and lots of cotton balls. a cotton ball to wet my face, a cotton ball to remove makeup, a cotton ball with facial cleanser, and cotton ball with water to wash it all away. and after i was done i looked down at my nice happy pile of cotton balls, so pleased with myself, and realized i'm a male model. yikes.


dangnabit hababit

my obsessionslashaddictionslashdependence of chapstick has reached all new levels. i carry it around, not in my purse, not in my pocket, in my hand. i get to work, pull my chapstick out and set it on my desk. when i have meetings, go talk to people, get up for any reason, i bring my chapstick with me. i twirl it in my fingers while having conversations. this is probably unhealthy and distracting.

when i was single and living in college apartments where the bed is ridiculously high, i was in the habit of leaning over my bed while on my laptop instead of sitting in my favorite papasan chair or climbing up into bed. i would lean over my bed for hours.. standing with my feet on the ground, elbows and stomach on the bed. i'm telling you, it was seriously comfortable. well, its begun again. i am currently leaning against my bed. though this one is a bit lower so it's not as comfortable but still rather pleasant.

this last habit of mine is all the rage these days. i broke up with my immune system.. sent him packing. we've been apart for over a month now and i think i'm starting to miss him. so mister immune system, i'm sorry i took you for granted. please come back.


more free advice

i figure since no businesses are actually listening to me, i can offer all the free advice i want. so, here we go again.

i have been sick for about 2 months now. it started with the normal fall cold, turned into an itchy throat inside and out, and just continued downhill from there. at my mother's advice (now there's some quality advice that is always free) i decided it was high time i purchased a multivitamin. whether or not that will actually help me be any healthier, it's probably good to take them, yes?

so while at our favorite local groceryslasheverythingelseyoucouldeverneed store, i meandered my way over to the multivitamin aisle. ok, so i should probably get a woman specific vitamin seeing as we all have an iron deficiency.. ok here's a woman's vitamin. that looks good. oh wait, here's another woman's vitamin. this one is $2 less. hmm.. well what's different about them. this one, let's call it centrum, has way more vitamin c. but this one, we'll call it one-a-day, has more folic acid.. hmm..

so i'm standing there, comparing nutritional values of these women's daily multivitamins and i decide, i'm feeling good about this one-a-day. but this point, i've been so caught up in comparing vitamin percentages that i have no idea which one is more expensive.. so what caused my decision? i will tell you.

the women's centrum package is silver. has harsh blocky writing. my subconscious told me "this packaging is manly, put it down."
the women's one-a-day package is yellow, has 'women's' written in cursive, and has sunrays beaming out of its name. my subconscious told me, "you can always trust the sunrays."

packaging people. if you're trying to market a women specific good to women, maybe you could make it look a little.. i don't know, maaaybe, womanly?


to all those salesmen out there, you're doing it wrong

The Death of the Salesman has come. They are dead to all the 20 and 30 somethings out there. Maybe older. Why? Because we refuse to acknowledge them and their existence, we refuse to be persuaded by their cunning tricks.
People paid on commission know that their lively-hood depends on your patronage. Therefore, they have to ensnare you. They can’t risk losing a sale. And while those tricks may have worked for years and years because that is all that was known, businesses are getting smarter. The salesguy is a turn off. A major big fat turn off.
We’re all aware of the used-car salesmen stereotype. And while stereotypes can be negative or wrong… they don’t come out of nowhere.
Here’s my problem. I went gym shopping the other day. At the first one, they showed me around told me what the monthly fee was and said thanks for stopping by. I went up the street to another. I was sat down, told all the wonderful things they were offering that I don’t really need, and then they proceeded to try and wow me by cutting the initial $100 fee, giving me $5 off the monthly fee, only to then bring in the “manager” to give me the very special deal of my first month free. All of which was still more expensive than the first gym. Asking me to call my husband (who was in class) right then to talk to him about it, making me commit to call them that night, calling me the next day to ask me if I’d decided. I left with such a bad taste in my mouth that even if they were the better gym, I was too disgusted with their high-pressure sales pitch. Guess what guys, you are not helping yourselves out. Give it to us straight. Tell us how much it is and then leave us alone. Your sales pitch is hurting you.
People would rather go to Carmax than a dealership. If you know how to negotiate, you may be able to get a lower price at a dealership, but chances are, you don’t. And chances are, the salesman does. At Carmax, you are paying about a $1000 more than that ridiculously low price you may have (but not likely) gotten at the dealership. So now, you go to Carmax, there is no haggling involved, and you know you are getting a fair price.
You’d think more businesses would start catching on. Just be fair, give it to us straight, and we will respect you. You want our respect don’t you? Because respect will likely turn into patronage, which will likely turn into loyalty, and boom, you’ve got a lifetime consumer.
I don’t think I can say it more simply than this… cut the crap.


lazy mondays

remember when i told you about how whenever someone pulls out a dr pepper i sing their old little jingle. well, i do it with daisy sour cream too. "a dollop, of daisy" i sing it every time.
what is with me and jingles?


hallows eve

currently working in the 2nd annual dollar haunted house produced by jason's old roommates. i lost my voice last night screaming so creepy whispering will have to do. i think it's doing the trick.. orrr treat?

i apologize, that was lame.


the picture in my mind is perfect

The other day I learned something new about Jason. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it was the first time I was hearing this news. And I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It made me see him in a whole different light.
In elementary school, Jason went year round. CRASH BANG WHOOSH WHAT?!? I grew up in Connecticut. We went the traditional September to June. The only reason I’d ever heard of year round school is because my uncle taught at one on the other side on the country. But no one else was doing it. School was September to June. Always.
Jason kept saying that it wasn’t a big deal. But it was, it is. Here’s why.
You know when you’re reading a book, and there is a picture of it in your mind. You are seeing the main character in their room, lying on the bed. It is facing a window. There is a mirror to the left and the character leans over to the right to turn off the light. You’ve constructed a visual. It is and will always be that room every time you read that book. But wait, here is something you haven’t yet read. The character climbs off the RIGHT side of the bed to look in the mirror. The right? I thought it was on the left? Aaaccchh!! My picture! What is happening? It’s self-combusting! I can’t move that mirror. I can’t. It’s on the left not on the right! And now you are telling me my picture is wrong. But I liked that picture, and I can’t get it out of my head!
[This always happens to me by the way. I build a picture right from the beginning of the book only to realize I had the rooms all mixed up, it was dirtier, fancier, warmer, the girl was taller, the fire was brighter than I’d imagined. So annoying right? Then I have to try and rearrange things but rarely does it work.]
Anyway, sweet childhood Jason went to school year round, and my picture is all skiwampus.


an endless battle

i cannot even begin to tell you how many times a month i get called rachel. and every time, i politely correct the incorrect person, "oh, it's rebecca actually." and every time, they knew that. often, it's someone who has known me for sometime and multiple times has addressed me by rebecca, but on this occasion slips up and calls me rachel. and then they are embarrassed, and then i tell them that this mistake happens all the time, that people interchange rebecca and rachel as though they were yams and sweet potatoes. which are basically the same thing, whereas rebecca and rachel are most definitely not. i could understand calling greg, craig. or alyssa, alicia (i mean, that's even a stretch). rebecca and rachel don't even sound alike. they begin with R and both contain a C and an E.

i could go on. but then i would start to sound like it bothers me. it really doesn't bother me. it really just amazes me that on a consistant bases i get called rachel. sometimes i respond to it, too embarrassed for the other person to correct them. one time over the summer, i let someone call me rachel all day. it wasn't until a meeting in the afternoon that someone else corrected them. i guess i could have saved her more embarrassment by correcting her earlier.. oh well.

i just really felt as though this issue should be addressed before it becomes a serious epidemic.

does this happen for any other names? and what i really want to know is do rachels have the same problem?


jason and i forgot who's pillow is who's. we bought two very different ones. one is for a stomach and side sleeper, and one is for a back sleeper. one is a little firmer and one is a little plusher. we cannot remember who picked out which one. every two weeks the discussion comes up again. and somewhere along the line we switch pillows only to switch back again. except i stand by the claim that i am currently in possession of my true pillow. i know because the tag says "somethingorother luxury." now out of the two of us, who do you think chose the pillow with luxury in the title. dingdingding, if you chose rebecca, then you are correct.

jason just told me i'm corny. guess who's sleeping on the couch tonight without any pillow at all.



i face the same problem every 3 months. do i or do i not highlight my hair? when my roots start getting bad i always start hating the blond and wanting my natural light brown. but after i get the highlights i'm always so happy. one time i hated the blond so much i dyed my hair. correction. a beauty schooler dyed my hair. DISASTER. it was black, and then dark dark brown/red. one time i got so sick of the blond that i let the roots grow all the way past my ears. a whole year without highlights. and then i went home for the summer, and what do you think i did? highlighted my hair. then i got so sick of the blond that i went to my ever so experienced favorite hairstylist who gave me a nice solid brown but warned me that my blond would come right back through it after awhile. it did. since then i have consistently kept my highlights up to date. but i face the same battle every time. and i think i've finally determined that some fake brown isn't gonna cut it because it will never achieve my actual color. i think it's time for the waiting game to begin. so if i start talking about going to get highlights, don't let me! i'm going to do it this time. i am! i think..


an open letter to hostess

dear hostess,
thank you for responding to my complaint. and thank you for the complementary coupons. i never expected such generosity.
with my ever most sincerity, rebecca

any one up for a cupcake or ho-hos run tonight?

an open letter to netflix

dear netflix,
you rock.
love, rebecca


name change

the baton has been handed off. (see.. two authors over there <--- ...maybe i should fix that) it started long ago with church records. those change immediately. then social security. then bank accounts. then email address. then byu records. then user names. then google reader. and now finally blogger. i wish i could say that the change was completely done. sadly i refuse to get a utah license, though i think i need to.. that is not yet changed. nor is my passport. so really this process isn't quite over yet. but i do think that this here blogger change is quite monumental. hence the post to document it. obviously.

punkin patch

jason likes when people talk about him and blog about him, which is why he's very sad that his sister-in-law tara slowed down on her blog posting this year. he's often heard exclaiming, "i can't believe she stopped blogging the year i got married. i just think it's really rude." so because i love my husband, and i love his family that has been deprived of pictures of precious children for the last year, i've decided to blog for tara. and of course you'll see a little picture of btil... cause that's why we're all really here right?

picture two is my favorite. picture three is jason's. he told william not to smile thinking his brilliant reverse psychology would work.. it did not

let's go to the moovies

we went to see a movie this week. 11 am friday morning. early bird matinee special. super cheap yes ma'am. are we newly weds or are we newly weds? we saw the social network and both really enjoyed it. but that's not why i am here today. i am here today to tell you one of my new favorite things that makes me giggle.  you know that moment after each preview ends? that moment of silence? where every person in the theater is forming an opinion? sometimes a person shares this thought out loud, sometimes everyone remains silent. but we're all thinking the same thing.. whether or not we are going to see that movie.
after one particular preview the silence was potent. so potent that i knew ever person in the theater was thinking, "woah." and that's when i started to giggle. and then i started the laugh. and then the next preview started so i started to get quiet. but every time after each preview ended i was equally amused. why are we so entertained by previews? we all know that the main reason we go to the movies is for the previews. and we sit there and get more excited about the previews than the movie we are actually there to see (i really hate when that happens). and it seems like there are so many great movies coming out. but then they do come out, and we forget about them, or they get terrible reviews, but the preview seemed soooo cool. what is it with previews that entrances us? really world, i don't have an answer. but i will continue to be amused after ever silence that follows some super intense movie preview that just blows everyone's mind.

all i have to say is, we're pretty easy to please if we prefer the mysterious 60 second story to the full length 2 hour version. microwave generation, what are we coming to?


customer dissatisfaction

tonight was a night for hankerings.  jason had a hankering for a spicy mcchicken sandwich. and since i had a hankering for dingdongs, i really couldn't chastise him for craving mickey d's after dinner. so off we went to walmart. he went to the double arches while i found the snack aisle.  this is not a normal occurrence.  i am all about treats, but they better be homemade baked goods. none of this store bought stuff. but i had decided, yes, i am going to buy myself some hostess goodness, and i am going to eat the whole box.  we walked out of walmart (i feel super white-trashy every time i talk about walmart, but seriously, its about 7 breaths away. yes breaths not breadths.) hand in hand, and bags in hand. once we arrived home i plopped down on our comfy miracle couch and opened my box. i told jason he could have as many as he wanted (thinking he didn't like dingdongs) and he said he wanted all but one. i told him he could have as many as i wanted him to. which was two. you know what i love about dingdongs? (the only thing i remembered from the 2 times i've had them.)  they each come individually wrapped.  like each one is a little present. i unwrapped one and took my first and only joyous bite. alas, these dingdongs were exactly like the cold utah tundra... dry. i choked down the rest of the dingdong, hoping the creme filling would compensate for the obvious dryness but to no avail. i tweeted my disdain. then i ate another one. still no good. jason had one. he was disappointed. i threw the box to the floor. and then i read something interesting on the box. "quality guarantee: HOSTESS is committed to providing quality bakery products. we invite your comments and questions." yeah, i have a question, why are my dingdongs so dang dry?! so i wrote them a little message. which i can't actually remember now.. something about me crying over my failed midnight snack and the fact that i tweeted about the dryness.. i don't know.. but i assure you, 1) it was hilarious by my personally set standards, 2) they might not take me seriously, 3) which is a shame because i really do want a new box. or some hohos instead. cupcakes would be acceptable too.

i will keep you posted on how closely they stand by their guarantee. and now i think i'll go throw this box away, cause i may be tempted to try another one in the morning for breakfast. (you never know.. the rest could still be good.. maybe?)



let it be known that jason is home and we are going to eat ice cream and watch avatar for the first time [let it be known that it is only my first time, not jason's].

and i am a happy girl.

i can unscrew the stars

jason has a late class on wednesdays. i got home from work and he left for school. sad. false. i mean yes. but no. errm. this sounds bad. moving right along.

i made myself queso dip, popped open a can of cherry dr pepper, turned up my favorite lady music really loud, and will now proceed to read blogs. (and inevitably have some work mixed in there.. i love advertising and its never sleeping ways.)

speaking of blog reading, whenever i find a blog i really like and then find out it's been in existence for 5 years, i know i've struck gold. you can bet that i will spend the next week reading the last 5 years of this person's life. in one week i get to see the transformation, growth, sorrows, triumphs, and secrets of this person i have never ever met and leads a much different life than me.  the planner in me is jumping for joy.

speaking of dr. pepper, without fail, every single time i or someone else says dr. pepper, i sing "it makes the world taste better." which hasn't been their tagline for like 10 years. that's one sticky tagline. not sticky enough though since they've had about 23 taglines since that one was used in 2000.

speaking of lady music, i got all courageous and went to go sing at open mic night last night. apparently the line-up filled up quicker than usual and by the time i got there the list was already full. jason was very upset so we went to sammy's for burgers and shakes to console ourselves. i will go next week though. i will i will. i told jason he couldn't bring any friends though. so no, you are not invited. i'd rather sing in front of a bunch of strangers. course seeing how this is provo and we've been here for awhile, inevitably i will run into some distant acquaintance from freshman year that i usually try desperately to avoid.. so really i'd rather have you there than have to talk to them.

speaking of work.. it's getting busy busy and i love it.


dangle dangle

i'm more of a studs person myself but my sister got me these fabulous earrings for my birthday and i am in love with them. good work caitbait, good work.

[photo by jason]

kick off

there is no better way to start conference weekend than to go to a bluesgrass hymn revival concert. let me tell you. it was awesome. the lower lights is full of talented musicians and i'm so glad we got the chance to see them all.

<a href="http://thelowerlights.bandcamp.com/album/the-lower-lights-a-hymn-revival">The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival by The Lower Lights</a>



on or off the market, i know what's right or wrong in the dating world. maybe it's because i know these rights and wrongs so well that i am in fact off the market, so listen up chillens.

men, it is not ok to send a girl you've only gone on a couple dates with a picture of yourself shirtless, flexing every muscle you so desperately love in hopes that she'll love them as much as you.

maybe if he'd sent her a picture of him wearing this it might have worked out.

because then we would know it wasn't serious. right? right?? wait, you're not serious, right?

[for those of you unfamiliar with the reality show the jersey shore, from what i understand, there is a self-labeled man called 'the situation' who likes to show off his abs.  so some smart creative kid at the miami ad school designed this little number.  i know alot of guys who would happily rock this shirt. those same guys are breaking alot of dating rules... steer clear ladies, steer clear] 



who keeps their cookies in a cookie jar
rebecca keeps her cookies in a cookie jar
who, rebecca? yes, rebecca.
couldn't be, of course it could..



i have been excited about christmas since april, but i feel like september is an acceptable time to start deciding on presents. i have found my mother's, my sister's, and half of jason's presents. now i can't wait until it is an acceptable time to decorate and listen to christmas music.  wooowee!

this is what my day sounded like. sniffle sniffle sneeze sniffle sneeze sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle tickle-y nose sniffle sneeze

so obviously i decided today would be a good day for a run. and yes, yes it was. also, i discovered, running with jason is a bad idea. i set a pace way too fast for myself and then i can't breathe, and then my heart hurts, and then my leg cramps up. so today i went by myself. voila! problem solved.

also, do you have any friends that look like other older friends of yours? my friend lindsay dances just like a friend from high school. and my friend claire has very similar facial expression to a friend from elementary school. ever see someone and feel like you know them but realize they look exactly like someone else you met recently and you're getting them confused.. like someone you met in a completely different state in a completely different situation, but for some reason, you swear you know them?

lastly, i wrote a song today. this song is like me in my very favorite outfit, eating fudge, and buying colorful flowers. i've been singing it in my head all day. it's a happy one folks, i tell ya.



today i had a terrifying thought.. what if one of my sisters-in-law chooses a name that i have my heart set on. [yes, i spent an entire sunday afternoon in chicago reading a babyname book. there was nothing else to read, i swear] so i am basically dead set on two girl names, first and middle for both, and i will cry if some else takes them.  and seeing as i have three sisters-in-law that already have children and will most definitely have more much much sooner than my newly married self will, something must be done. maybe i should copyright them...


btil says the darndest things

spiders have been a common occurrence in our place as of late, so jason is frequently summoned to rid the place of them. and he's not always fond of having to end their life. this is what their encounter sounded like the other night:

"hey there little guy, say hello to my grandmother for me, ok?"


fake cake

i made a cake from scratch. it was very moist. so moist, in fact, that it did not want to come out of its pans. so sister-in-law steff grabbed a cake from walmart last minute and saved the day.

hi mom! yes i sneezed on the cake. juuust kidding. know what else i didn't do... make a wish. i have everything i need. cheesy but true. (i mean come on, look at those awesome aprons. who could ask for anything more)


golden boy

22 on the 22nd

(so actually i'm a golden girl, but i just watched the marine biologist episode of seinfeld yesterday so golden boy seemed fitting)

[boythatilove made me breakfast in bed. i love that boy. sheesh that was redundant]



the mountain across the valley from the 'point of the mountain' is on fire. at night, it looks like mordor. time for another lotr marathon.

i really want to hate this song. its sickeningly catchy. i listen to the whole thing every time its on the radio. i still think i hate it..... blech, i just watched the music video. well, about 41 seconds of it. i hate it even more.. so yeah, enjoy that one.

face, quit leaking. you're making my eyes hurt.

camu camu scentsy, i'm thoroughly obsessed with you. i don't think a single smell has ever made me happier.


btil says the darndest things

he really did say the darndest thing the other day. only i can't remember what it was...


couch vs. basement apartment

choose your version, long or short

welcome ladies and gentleman to one of the greatest brawls in history. couch is taking on his greatest rival, basement apartment.  over the years, basement apartment has smashed couch to smithereens, so let's see what will unfold today, shall we.

i found a couch. it was cheap, very comfy, 8 years old, but pretty clean. and it was $70. and i loved it. jason's friend came over to help us get it down into our apartment.  but the laws of physics said, "this is not right." they tried about 4 times, attempted to lift and reposition, turn, pivot, while standing on the stairs with the heavy couch in hand.

fail. basement apartment won. "i will not have this couch," it said.

we decided that if we took the door off, couch might just stand a chance. friend1 took off because he had an interview to get to, so jason and i headed for lowes. but i told him door off or not, there was no way i'd be able to help him down the stairs with that heavy thing. enter friend2.

friend2, let's call him nate, was at our place in 10 minutes, tool set in hand. they removed the door and the match began again. fail. multiple attempts and different angles. fail fail fail. now, jason and i are thinking we are going to have to resell the couch, and try desperately to find another decent one for a decent price. not likely. but nate hasn't given up. he decides to take off the stair railing. smart man. the guys were able to bring the couch down at another angle they hadn't been able to try before. and that's when basement apartment started to tease couch. he let couch smell a possible victory just to shut him down. but no... wait. what's this. couch is going for it. laws of physics be defied. yes! the couch is in, ladies and gentlemen, the couch is in!

it was really really hard, but we got the couch into our apartment.

nate and jason [not pictured] are gonne make this happen cap'n


utah state fair

we've already established a love of people watching.  it's safe to say that state fairs are probably one of the hottest spots for people watching. it was also lots of fun watching little nieces and nephews pet baby piglets and work up their nerves to get on big scary rides. 

tomorrow morning jason and i will be moving into our very first apartment. [the one in chicago doesn't count.. we only brought clothes and were there for ten weeks.] needless to say, i am very very excited about this. i get to use my own dishes, and mixers, and hang pictures, we bought our first bed, and couch. exciting times. exciting times.

apologies for the terrible droid picture. it was the only camera i had.


simma down nah

when i buy new clothes, i like to let them simmer. does anyone else do that? like, wearing them right away will take away the excitement from the fact that they are new clothes. and because i don't do anything all day, no one will be able to appreciate the delicious works of art that they are. and jason doesn't count. he'd think i looked good in a bag. and not the paperbag princess style bag cause that'd probably be pretty cute. i'm talking straight up, dumpster, garbage bag bag. the kind you turn into a makeshift poncho.
anyway, my clothes are simmering. still wrapped in their precious paper tissue because i'm afraid if they touch anything else they will be contaminated.  i really need to get my shoes back (which are in colorado) and my accessories (which are at grandma's) so that i can do these fabulous clothes justice and give them the compliments they deserve. (not compliments coming from other people, cause boy does that sounds conceited. i mean compliments, like complimentary colors. whew, saved myself from that one. but compliments [the nice version not the color version] will be readily accepted as well).

maybe i should just wear them, and stop dreaming about wearing them.
i guess what this all boils down to is... i wish i was chuck.



since returning from chicago, we have been to colorado, utah, and california.
we have seen a colossal amount of family since our return.
it's been stupendous.
not only have we visited our large immediate families, but we have visited a rather substantial amount of extended family as well.
boy, do i love family.



we went to see despicable me with sister-in-law tara and her kids last night. in the middle of the movie i heard a lot of rustling and a little whining. the woman two seats from me called her child over to her. she was doing something with his pants, then she turned him around and we all heard a steady stream hitting the bottom of the popcorn bucket. really lady? really? maybe it's just cause i'm not a mother yet, but this seems like some seriously unacceptable behavior.


still homeless

we are in utah. for an unknown period of time.  the only thing that was definite in our life was that school started yesterday. so we made the drive yesterday for jason to make a 5:30 class.  so i get to sit around on campus and "work on my online classes i haven't finished yet" aka write and read blogs. ugh. luckily i'll be here for awhile.  i have all the time in the world.


to a friend

dear parker,
my love for you grew immensely over the years.  you were a tough pup. chewing things in the house, chewing things in the yard. you were probably the only lab who didn't like to fetch or swim.  but you were really good at keep away, especially when we wanted whatever you had back. like a snow glove or a boot. you always had a love for stuffed animals. you'd carry around a bear, a dog, for months. you wouldn't tear it apart, you'd just chomp chomp chomp, up and down every day, and watch over it like it was your child.  we lost you a few days before we moved from connecticut to california, and even though you were only gone for a few hours we were scared that we wouldn't find you before our move. but you came trotting back up the hill as though you'd just been out on a little stroll.  when we moved to california you settled down quite a bit. you were maturing and seemed to enjoy the laid back ca style. it is here that i really grew to love you.
i'll never forget the night. i was going through a terrible heartbreak, feeling lost and very alone. dad was really sick and mom was with him in the hospital. little sister caitlin was out with friends.  i was alone in the house and i was hurting. and i lost it.  i fell to the ground in the kitchen, crying from the deepest place in my heart, and i looked up and there you were beside me.  your head resting on my leg, and you sat beside me until i was done. until i felt not so alone. you were there for me when i needed you. and i knew that you knew how much i needed you.
my heart healed and i ran off galavanting around the country experiencing life.  i knew that you were slowing down.  and every time i left again i'd say "i love you parker, don't die while i'm gone"
well, last week was your 12th birthday.  and while we were never the owners to dress you up and put you in our family portraits, you were a part of the family.  you were a staple in our home.
you lived to 12 and one day, and even though i wasn't there, i hope you know how much i loved you, and how much i'll miss you.  it will be strange to go home and not have you there.
i love you parker. sleep well.


moving from ct to ca (2004)

living the high life (2006)

playing in the kitchen (2007)

parker and dad (2010)

on his 12th birthday (2010)


birthday wishes

my dad got his birthday wish. to live to another birthday. he is 51 today. and made another birthday wish. to live to another birthday. i hope he continues to get many many more birthday wishes


today's the day

what a day it is to celebrate anniversaries. there are a lot, so i shall devote a whole post to it.

happy wedding anniversary to my parents in-law, bob and pam, who are celebrating 37 wonderful years of marriage.

happy wedding anniversary to my big brother sam and his sweet wife michelle for a whopping 2 years!

and happy happy anniversary to my dad who received his heart transplant 2 years ago today.

what a wonderful wonderful day! maybe jason and i will go get some ice cream to celebrate you all.

p.s. for those of you who read or know of nienie, today is the two year anniversary of her accident. what a journey she's had since then.

any other anniversaries that i'm missing?


we're baack

jason and i are happy to be back in the west.  thursday night we packed up our clothes, loaded the car, and hit the road late friday morning. we had decided to make the 15 hours drive in one day. (we had tickets for the rockies game saturday night, so obviously we had to make it back as quickly as possible)
in our hurry to pack our place up we forgot one very important thing. in an effort to make the place feel a little like home, and slightly as a joke, and slightly because jason loves himself, we had put up a huuuge poster picture of jason from his glorious basketball days. so when the people we were subletting the place from return home, they will be welcomed by a younger, skinnier, ball-in-hand jason.

boy do i wish i could be there to see that.


don't know where we're going til we're there

life if very uncertain right now. there are so many variables. as of friday, jason and i won't actually have a place to live (i almost said "home," but that's not true, home is my parents house, his parents house, home is our car rides, utah in a weird kind of way that i never thought i would claim it to be, home is being with jason, as cheesy as that sounds, it's true. i never feel unsettled or out of place when i'm with him. k, back to whatever it was i was saying) right, no place to live. we have schooling and jobbing we need to figure out and how those two things are going to work together. this should be a fun adventure.

don't worry people, i'll update you as i get updates myself...



i complained awhile ago that all the cupcakes in chicago are terrible. and even after trying two more cupcake places i was still disappointed. my concerned sister in law michelle told me to try a place called sprinkles, a cute little shop based out of beverly hills. alas, they were not open.. until last week!! a friend from work and i trekked up the magnificent mile to find a line running out the door [see pic]. it was more than worth the wait. holy mole. it was the best cupcake i've had in a very long time. the perfect amount of frosting, not overly sweet, the cake itself was delicious and moist. perfection. needless to say, i've been craving one ever since..


take me out to the baaaall game

ivy wall.organ music.no big screen with replays.kettle corn.
so this is how they watched baseball in the olden days