oh wow, we even have game day signs

it was very close, but we did not win campus finals last night.  3 of our other classmates did a really amazing job. i don't feel like we were robbed at all.  we still did really well and i think we impressed some people and definitely had a memorable presentation, product, and campaign and i'm proud of all of our work.

(not the winners... ouch. claire, no pictures please)


  1. hahahahaha still can't get over my face in that picture.

  2. =] Congradulations anyway.

    I bet you all did an amazing job!

  3. hahah that bottom picture seriously makes me laugh so hard! go Rad Fab, we were totally awesome...even if we didn't win :)

    but really, we rocked it....I gotsta show you girls the video of our performance!