ghosts of summers past

dear summer friends,
first of all. how are you?! i miss you guys. hope the winter has been treating you well, whether you are on the west or east coast or still nestled in the mountains of provo. let's cut to the chase. guess what my aunt [ahnt] gave me for christmas {which i did not ask for or even say that i loved}

remember how much we loved this game? and played it for a month straight? and luke even blogged about it.
so now i have the comfort of this game while i mourn the loss of our friendship.

miss you guys!
- rebecca


  1. my little sister got that, too! i taught everyone how to play last night. i think i'm considered a summer friend at this point. my bad. lets be winter friends.

  2. maybe i like that game. im not gonna say i hate it.

  3. yeah, that game rocks... i feel like i am still undefeated. is that true? did i ever lose?