end of the year resolution

eat whatever you want during the holidays. worry about it in january.

ever since i gained the dreaded freshman 15 a few years back, i got all wary when i thought i was eating too many treats. and my roommates will be the first to tell you that i love treats. which is easier to manage at school when i'm the one baking and cooking. but at home there is food aplenty.
and why eat real food when i have maple cookies, peanut butter cup bites, and chocolate chip cookies to choose from.

i'll be better tomorrow. i promise.

in other news.. i know my blog has been lame-o lately. i'm happy and not at all busy [or doing anything for that matter] -a bad combination for good blog material. but on a brighter note, my journaling has improved immensely since i started blogging. my journals (neglected as they were) tended to be a boring log of the day (or past couple months) with no personality and blogging has helped me come out of my shell in my little journal world.
my roommate claire is a fabulous journal writer. her posterity is one lucky bunch.

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