copycat.. yet totally original

(team rad fab)

man i went quite awhile without even mentioning the l'oreal brandstorm competition.  well folks. here is it. the day has arrived. byu campus finals are tonight!!! and i am so excited and ready to present.  team, i love you girls! i couldn't have asked for any better two people to spend the entire past month with.  win or lose, i'm very proud of every thing we've accomplished!! roommates, thanks for letting my team and i take over our apartment like every single night for our extremely long meetings.  i'm ready to start being able to actually spend time with you, and not bore you to death with our brandstorm details. jason, date night friday? or thursday? or wednesday? cause guess what! i won't have any meetings!

wish us luck!


  1. agreed! you girls were the best team ever, I'm so proud of us!! even if loreal wasn't ready for a man's makeup, we didn't just present them a new product, we presented them a new shift in culture!! In my mind, we totally rocked it :)