ghosts of summers past

dear summer friends,
first of all. how are you?! i miss you guys. hope the winter has been treating you well, whether you are on the west or east coast or still nestled in the mountains of provo. let's cut to the chase. guess what my aunt [ahnt] gave me for christmas {which i did not ask for or even say that i loved}

remember how much we loved this game? and played it for a month straight? and luke even blogged about it.
so now i have the comfort of this game while i mourn the loss of our friendship.

miss you guys!
- rebecca


technically a muscle can't break, just get crushed, so you should call it heart crushed

just spent the eve of christmas eve relaxing in the hot tub, watching for shooting stars, and talking with my dad about life. (yeah, had that reversed. thanks linds. it was really really late, or early in the morning when i wrote this)

we never would have had nights like these in connecticut. as much as i loved growing up on the east coast, i sure love coming home from school to california. for some reason it doesn't feel quite like christmas, and no it's not the lack of white fluffy stuff. i don't miss that one bit. i think it's the lack of christmas music i've listened to since i've been home.  tomorrow will be completely devoted to all our old christmas albums and old christmas home videos. man, i love that tradition. i also love the new tradition of my dad making his very own white fluffy stuff, that's right, homemade marshmallows! yum! dipped in homemade fudge, lovingly made by my darling mother. quite the pair those two are. quite the pair. speaking of which, my sister was going through this old album today my mom put together compiling all the letters and notes sent by my parents to one another while my mother was away at school during their courtship. so mushy. so precious. but still, reeeeaaallllly mushy.
so as they say, "cyk"


end of the year resolution

eat whatever you want during the holidays. worry about it in january.

ever since i gained the dreaded freshman 15 a few years back, i got all wary when i thought i was eating too many treats. and my roommates will be the first to tell you that i love treats. which is easier to manage at school when i'm the one baking and cooking. but at home there is food aplenty.
and why eat real food when i have maple cookies, peanut butter cup bites, and chocolate chip cookies to choose from.

i'll be better tomorrow. i promise.

in other news.. i know my blog has been lame-o lately. i'm happy and not at all busy [or doing anything for that matter] -a bad combination for good blog material. but on a brighter note, my journaling has improved immensely since i started blogging. my journals (neglected as they were) tended to be a boring log of the day (or past couple months) with no personality and blogging has helped me come out of my shell in my little journal world.
my roommate claire is a fabulous journal writer. her posterity is one lucky bunch.


did you know that

i have quite an extensive thimble collection.
have since i was a wee little girl.



a hardy boy is my kind of man

remember when i mentioned this little gem that i love. well that wonderfully amazing boythatilike went and got it for me for christmas.


madcow madhatter madden

i should be studying for my 1ne and only final exam. instead i'm reading blogs. whoopsie.

i also happen to have a terrible habit of getting bored of studying and just going to take the test. i'm am very very tempted to not even start studying and just go take the test. probably wouldn't bode well seeing as i never went to this class. hmm. what a predicament i have found myself in. 



boxcar children are at it again

saw invictus last night with jason aka that one boythatilike
one of the best movies i've seen in awhile.
great inspiration, great story, great acting. 


so sorry schoolkids

finals week? what's that? i'll tell you what it is for me..

2 client presentations
1 cancelled paper
1 "final" exam for a class i didn't go to at all for the whole last third of the semester

no stress. no studying. no work. (i don't call it work because getting together with a group of people you like to talk about how you are going to present the information and ideas you already have... does that sound like work to you?)

man, i love advertising.
it's either a deluge or a drought.
hello drought.


state the obvious

it has been snowing for 3 days now.

it was pretty when jason walked me home last night.

it was not as pretty when i had to drive to work this morning.

luckily a very friendly lad was out in our parking lot going from car to car as people left for work and school, helping them brush off snow and scrape off ice. your kindness did not go unnoticed sir. thanks for you help this morning!



pst.. i have to tell you a secret

sometimes when i'm in the car, and owl city comes on the radio, i don't immediately change the station... sometimes i even sing along.

i am consistently inconsistent.


oh wow, we even have game day signs

it was very close, but we did not win campus finals last night.  3 of our other classmates did a really amazing job. i don't feel like we were robbed at all.  we still did really well and i think we impressed some people and definitely had a memorable presentation, product, and campaign and i'm proud of all of our work.

(not the winners... ouch. claire, no pictures please)


copycat.. yet totally original

(team rad fab)

man i went quite awhile without even mentioning the l'oreal brandstorm competition.  well folks. here is it. the day has arrived. byu campus finals are tonight!!! and i am so excited and ready to present.  team, i love you girls! i couldn't have asked for any better two people to spend the entire past month with.  win or lose, i'm very proud of every thing we've accomplished!! roommates, thanks for letting my team and i take over our apartment like every single night for our extremely long meetings.  i'm ready to start being able to actually spend time with you, and not bore you to death with our brandstorm details. jason, date night friday? or thursday? or wednesday? cause guess what! i won't have any meetings!

wish us luck!