so i cut back on my hours at work with all that has been going on lately, but i picked up a morning shift today to cover for someone who was headed out of town, which means that i actually had time to catch up on all the posts sitting in my google reader... everso patiently waiting. it was a wonderful distraction since i'm antsy to get home and get packed and head up to salt late and do some funtivites before my plane takes off to whisk me home for the giving of thanks.  so within this little generic paragraph there are actually some things referenced worth enhancing..

speaking of funtivities, i will be with a certain boy. and speaking of that certain boy, the other day i picked up my phone, and his name had been changed..  in my phone, it now reads boythatilike. perfect.

speaking of work, it's been rough on the funds cutting back on the hours, but with the l'oreal brandstorm competition (if you don't know what i'm referring to, see every other post from this month) things have been a lot more manageable without a set work schedule.  speaking of brandstorm, work, and lack of funds, ashley and i were leaving a meeting at danielle's last week (those are my brandstorm teammates) and ash and i were greeted by 2 happy little boots on our front left tires. it was 10:28 pm.  what apartment parking lot boots at 10?! seriously. so i called the number to get the cars unbooted and the guy was really nice and all but as i was pressing the end button on my phone i called him an "a-hole." ...and he heard it. and he was training a little newbie booter so i was on speaker phone and the newbie heard me too. and when they showed up they thought it was funny, and said i "made their night." oh well i'm so glad i could be of service booterman and booternewbie.  anyways, i apologized for calling them "a-holes."  so classless and unladylike of me but i was a wee bit frustrated.  wait a minute, my borderline vulgarity has nothing to do with brandstorm, work, and lack of funds.  anywho, i paid this nice man $65 to kindly remove my boot (which he put on my car in the first place. what a crime).  they should have clear "bad guys," who boot you and are rude, and then different and clear "good guys," who come and save you and unboot you and have nothing to do with the initial boot so that it doesn't hurt so much when they swipe your card. sheesh.  point of the story: (brandstorm meeting x boot) + lack of funds - work hours = need to cover more shifts.

last but surely not least, speaking of being home bound... i am so excited to see my sister! my mom! my dad! and parker the dog!


  1. ohhhhhh the booting incident. I get angry everytime I drive by Old Mill. The nerve of that place!

  2. ah, home is the BEST medicine! have so much fun!! and maybe listen to imogen heap the whole way there because she's THAT good!