my apologies

i'm sorry i'm sorry. my posting has really been pretty subpar as of late.  to be honest, i don't spend alllll my time working on brandstorm and school work.  i actually spend a decent amount of time with a boy. the first boy worth mentioning since... well, you know. and i think i'll leave it at that for now.

i was thinking about my life the other day and where i am right now, as opposed to a year ago.  i have so many things right now that i had given up.  it was my choice.  i chose that life. and i was content with that choice. but i am so very happy to have these wonderful things back in my life.  amazing roommates and friends, being at byu, studying something i love learning about, being surrounded by others who share my religious beliefs.  i gave this all up.  i didn't know if i would ever come back to byu, if i'd ever see my girlfriends again, if things would ever feel completely normal. but i look at my life now. i wouldn't change the journey i took to where i am now. but i'm happy to be here.  i feel like i'm in such a good place.  i'm busy, i'm learning, i'm figuring out how much i am capable of, i'm at peace.

so in lue of the upcoming holiday-
thank you roommates
thank you friends
thank you parents
thank you sister
thank you brothers and wives
thank you gospel
thank you byu
thank you l'oreal brandstorm
thank you teammates
thank you boythatilike

and thanks to you, for reading my rants, happy moments, concerns, pet peeves, memories, and more rants. it's fun. and therapeutic. and let's be honest. who doesn't love to talk about themselves. sheesh... get over yourself rebecca. and what's with the name anyway. every other blog has a cute little title. so self centered. yeah, i'll explain that one of these days. explain is a loose term. maybe i'll tell a little story..