insert forest tree-dwelling indigenous girl cry here

i have a moment. 9 minutes to be exact.
first of all, i am very very very [times infinity] excited to announce that my team and i that experienced this fiasco and turned in our 10 page document was one of the five teams chosen to go to the campus finals for the l'oreal brandstorm competition. remember when i told you there was a school work monster stomping through my life and i thought he would only be there a week.. well that week turned into two weeks and as of today, bigfoot/godzilla/bearclawed-whale-on-a-pogostick-man will remain here for 3 more weeks seeing as that is when campus finals are.  from there, the winner will go to nationals.  but we're taking baby steps right now.  so needless to say, i am always doing, planning on doing, or thinking about school work (for example, right now i need to read a chapter and answer some questions for a class i'm skipping tomorrow morning to go a present a creative brief for another class, my wheels are spinning constantly for brandstorm, and i need to do some research for a new client we are working with for a different class). but i have found something i am passionate about so it's all good. however, it has made it difficult to play and sing and write music on a regular basis, but today after class i found a nice little room on campus with a beautifully tuned grand piano and i had some me time. until some boy peeked his head in and said they were holding a review session in the next room and then i got all embarrassed that they could here me and apologized and politely packed up my things and snuck away hoping their door was closed so they couldn't see me sheepishly walk by.  it also doesn't leave much time for a social life- if ya know what i mean ;) - but so far it's been good.

vague what?

whoops, 3 minutes over. oh well, linds already left without me. so i'll just go now.


  1. WOW!!!! that sounds completely and entirely radical. The l'oreal thing is cool, too. just kidding. maybe start popping into places that have pianos (i hear this place called the wilkinson center has one for all to hear ;) ), and it'll make up for the lack of social life?
    meh, what am i talking about. i have none, so i shouldn't give advice.

  2. i like this. all of this. youre thoroughly entertaining me.