the hawk has flown, my brain is blown

so i passed up on going to see kid sister in concert last night because i had a huuuuge paper due today.  oh wait. today is thursday? paper is due friday....    crap.

right now i'm obsessed with the song bearing these lines:
these streets will make you feel brand new,
big lights will inspire you

oh hey provo, who are you and what have you done with the weather?!  whatever you did... keep doing it.

i'm still in the thick of a lot of work. but because my brain already turned to mush with working on the project that was due on monday (see below) i'm having a hard time keeping track of what exactly needs to be done. which is great. cause it keeps me stress free.  and like the old adage always says, stress free is the way to be..  right? no? is that not it? see. mush.

p.s. life is so good right now.

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  1. im glad life is good for you! dat makes me happy!