harses harses harses harses

merry-go-rounds were alot more fun when i was a kid. don't get me wrong, my sister and i still ride on them; however, half the fun of a merry-go-round was waving and yelling to my parents everytime i came around the corner. "hey mom, look at me! i'm sitting on an unrealistic looking plastic horse. it's pink with a blue tale. we really going fast and far. up and down and around and around, and every time i come around the bend i'm gonna yell at you and wave, and you're gonna wave back, even though you've waved back 3 times already and i know you're not going anywhere and will still be there the next time i come around. and you'll take pictures and smile." see that was key, being in front of the camera. that made everything more fun! and this spectacle just doesn't work as well when you are 21 and your little sister is 16.  you just can't get away with the yelling, cheering, waving, bouncing up and down excitedly..  also, it doesn't help when your mom ISN'T EVEN THERE WATCHING YOU! where is mom? oh yeah. on california screamin. for the 4th time. which is why we are on the merry-go-round in the first place. that and its bathroom break for all you weak bladdered people. priorities people, priorites.

note: the story referenced is not timely at all, and actually occured on this trip

speaking of which (merry-go-rounds- not roller coaster mom's or urological needs), i really want this necklace featured on daydreamlily. it's handmade by jesophi. oh love.

also speaking of merry-go-rounds, i saw the creepiest merry-go-round the other day when i went and saw the play, "something wicked this way comes."  well, half of the play..


  1. harses harses harses harses. Now this is stuck in my head. But it's ok. Because I love it.

  2. Sleepless in Seattle! That is one of my classic Sunday afternoon movies.
    Maybe someday Elena will embrace the carousel horse. The girl refuses to sit on the horses or any other animal. She loves carousels, but always wants to sit on a bench or in the weird shell. Sigh.

  3. i love this. because it is so true. but you left out the fact that, since we are 21 and 16, we had to pretend we were riding with that lovely little boy we'll call johnny. let's just say he was...a cousin?