golly gee mister, what a pickle, well shucks.

this is what i was saying in my head last night as the 11:59 deadline came and went, and my team and i were still trying to send in our pre-case for a very important competition that we have poured hours, days, and lifetimes into.  but to no avail, no reformatting, no smaller sections, no different email services found success.  all in all, it was a terrible start to the first week of school. -up until this point i have felt like i have been slacking on school work... i wasn't slacking. really it's just that there wasn't much to be done. the work was there. lurking in the shadows. growing bigger, gathering more little schoolwork urchins creating a big scary behemoth schoolwork monster.  and he is stomping through my life this week- so anyways, i'm staying fairly calm about it all.  there are worse things in life right? plus, i'm hoping the good people receiving our massive, beautiful document will still accept it, and i will find time to study for an exam, and be inspired when writing up a creative brief with another team for another client, and have better success when creating a media plan and pretty book for the document we attempted to submit last night, and not die of law over-kill when reviewing the facts of a copyright/fair use case. have i mentioned that i love advertising? cause i do. 

(daily does of imagery)


  1. amen to all of this.. and add a portfolio book to do that will determine if I get an internship next summer which could determine my future. gulp.

    such is life.

  2. Are you showing us a pay phone to make the point that getting a connection with the L'Oreal people last night was as terrible as having to leave the house, wander around, fork over some change, and make a phone call?