during my 16 minute break from school work today

i pause to bring you a slightly old but brilliant video. yes, we all know lady gaga is a wiggity wack job. and her music videos are bizarre-o. however, i'll be the first to admit that i LOOVE  dancing to her songs. my recent fav is bad romance. although she's a nut and may sing songs that aren't your style (yeah, i'm talking to you dad), i think you all can appreciate this-  enjoy ma loves.


  1. loved it. She may be crazy, but she sounds great.

  2. My gosh, I can totally relate.

    My sister is going through this major lady gaga phase, and at first it freaked me out. But then she clearly explained to me she liked her because she WAS exentric, and she knew it.

    and a lot of people just dont understand that.

    Though, she still makes me laugh =]